Friday, 15 February 2013

Robin Hood part 1

The main characters for my Robin Hood project.

Starting from top left; Little John (Games Workshop), Little John (Wargames Foundry), The Sherif (North Star), Maid Marian (North Star, Copplestone sculpt), Maid Marian (North Star), Robin Hood (Wargames Foundry), Robin Hood (North Star), Robin Hood (Games Workshop), Friar Tuck (North Star, Copplestone sculpt) and Friar Tuck (Games Workshop).

The Games Workshop figures are known by other names Bertrand Le Brigand (Robin), Hugo Le Petite (John) and Gui Le Gros (Tuck).
As I have duplicates I am using some of the figures for minor characters.

Some merry men with Much (centre) who was converted from a Warlord plastic Celt with hand painted shield made from a tank cupola lid.

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  1. Miles behind you but great minds think alike! Great post!
    Mike B