Monday, 13 May 2013

Treasure and passenger Wagons for Robin Hood.

I thought I would need some wagons for Robin and the Merry Men to ambush. So set about converting two Hussite War Wagons from Kingmaker. One is to be for carrying treasure while the other is to be used for important passengers. I did not really have much in the way of references other than the treasure wagon in the Robin Hood outtakes, plus a few pictures of other wagons found on the web.
I figured that everyone else seems to make things up for Robin Hood so it should not matter too much anyway.
These pictures were taken before I sprayed them with varnish. I also tried a new method for painting the horses which seems to look ok.

Passenger wagon with unpainted second attempt at doing a canopy.

Treasure wagon.

First attempt at doing a canopy.


  1. Lovely. I´ll definately "pinch" your ideas for the wagons

    1. Thats praise coming from you Paul, thanks.

  2. Marvelous! I do like the treasure wagon, great work!!