Sunday, 16 June 2013

Some WIPs for the Castle

On Saturday a friend came around to playtest two scenarios which I had been working on. I'm really glad he did as we found some serious problems with my assumptions about the number of figures needed. I have been using an online LoTR calculator and had assumed that one mounted Soldier would equal two Merry men on foot. However its more like 1.5 to 1 which means that I have to paint some more figures in a hurry. We also rewrote the scenarios  as they would not work exactly the way I envisioned them to.

I'm still working on the Castle and managed to do drybrush two lighter colours of grey today. It still looks a bit, well dull. I hope the base will brighten it up a bit once the buildings and grass etc have been added.

I took a few photos of some WIP's before I started to undercoat them.
The Tavern has a new roof and I managed to make sure that it will back onto the stables so it can be used in another setting as one building. I just need to make a removable rear wall. I've also made a gallows which fits onto the stone platform in the courtyard.

Blacksmiths and torturers tools.

Tavern front.

Tavern rear.

Combined buildings.