Sunday, 28 July 2013

Finished, well almost!

I think that I have done enough to get the Castle ready for a game or two next weekend. I still have things like beer barrels for the Tavern,bits for the stables and extra bystander figures on my to do list but have no chance of getting them even undercoated in time. I also have to rewrite some of my scenarios as play testing has shown some problems again with the force compositions so feel my time would be better suited doing that.

The flocking of the Castle took all week as I was mixing some darker flock into the Noch flock. I made this by cutting up some Woodland Scenic long grass but ran out and had to buy some GW flock to finish it off.
I feel the base still needs some more flock but will have to leave it till later. I remembered too late that I had intended to put some rocks into the base filler mix but its too late now. Otherwise I am really pleased with how it looks.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

More terrain for Robin Hood game.

I am managing to get some terrain finished which is good news as the Convention is two weeks away.
I've had to reduce the paint queue down to items that I really need to get done and leave some others till later. I expect this wont be the only time I put this game on so am not really worried about it. I have also put the final coats of paint on the Castle and base so will be getting on with putting on the grass this week. Hopefully I can playtest the setup next weekend.

The Wicker fences are from Total Battle Miniatures and Hovels with a few extra posts from BBQ sticks.

The Church is from Gripping Beast, I had intended to build my own but this looks pretty good.

Wow just had the biggest earth movement I think I've ever felt at home while writing this. Apart from a couple of cupboard doors opening, a photo frame and my Napoleonic Tic Tac Toe figures falling over no damage. Its the second big one today.

I decided to add a thunder box to the wall. I wonder what they would have called it back then?

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Finished buildings for Castle interior plus some figures.

These are just about done as I need to add some interior bits and pieces and want to do a dark wash on the roofs to bring out more detail.

I rebased these as they were not stable enough.

Monks and some women peasants.

Torturer and some victims.

Britannia LCI small.

A request was made on TMP for photos of these craft. I have had them for years sitting undercoated in a drawer as I moved on to 28mm figures. One day I will go back to 20mm as I have a massive amount of figures and vehicles stashed away as it was my first Wargaming love.

Figures L to R. Britannia Crew, Foundry, SHQ and Britannia.