Saturday, 25 January 2014

Future Wars - Zombie Mods for Bolt Action.

In my previous game I was playing by Solo so I wrote down my ideas for Zombie Mods. I had played the first game out far past any logical point of carrying on as I wanted to test out a few wrinkles. The last squad was assaulted a few times by the Zombies and fell back only to be Flamed by an Ape Flame thrower.

 A few days later I got together with gaming mate Tyrone to try out my ideas. We discussed as to wether it was too easy to kill the Zombies or should we make it harder? I thought that it was about right as they were a big distraction for the Humans which enabled the Monkeys to set up in relative peace. The Zombies also took out a couple of individual Humans. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the two games.
We were using a single unique coloured dice for each Human in a survivor group to identify each person. The Hand to Hand rules need some thinking about but we decided that Humans will strike first unless surprised. A Samurai Sword or Chain Saw gives an extra attack. After the game I looked at the Crooked Dice combat table and may use that for characters. 

I really want to keep this simple as possible so do not want to add too much complication.

I use the Eureka Zombies in oil drums as spawn points numbered 1 to 6.

These are the rules that I have remembered to write down and may change.

Zombie Rules for Bolt Action.

These rules are a work in progress and subject to change.

Zombies are undead so have no logical thought other than to eat.

A, Zombies move 3” when attracted by Human smell.

B, Zombies move 6” when attracted by gunfire and smell.

C, Monkeys are of no interest to Zombies.

D, Zombies do not use cover so a 2+ to hit is usually enough.
Range and movement penalties also apply.

E, Zombies do not suffer from Pinning.

F, Zombies are a 2+ to kill.

G, Hand to Hand, Humans strike first unless surprised. Humans roll morale after assaults
but only fall back on a fail.

H, Zombies move in as straight line as possible, if in doubt use a direction dice.

I, Zombies cannot swim. If waist deep they move as usual but at 3”.
If in deep water over their heads they cannot see or smell so use a direction dice at 3”.

J, Zombies can climb at either 3 or 6 “.

Turn sequence.

1, First turn D6 for how many dice the Zombie force gets.

2, D6 for location of Zombie outbreak. (I use 6 Zombie markers numbered 1 to 6)

3, D6 for how many Zombies appear at the marker.

4, Zombies mob up when within 3” of another group.

5, On subsequent turns add up the number of groups on the table
then D6 for how many extra Dice the Zombie force gets. (up to 12 Dice)

6, New Zombie groups will stop appearing when the firing dies down.

I use a plain white Dice the same size as the Warlord Dice.
A 3 or 6 facing upwards means moving at that speed.

The next game that I have set up is Urban/City as I want the Zombies to have more chance of surprising the Humans. I also have a deep water river to test out the water rule. A group of Humans have been set up as bait for a TV crew just for a bit of fun. They have to make it off the table to the safety of the Security force, which arrives on the road near the Service Station.

Sky-clad Nuns hosting a TV crew.

Elvis and the Showgirls.

Zombie bait.

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