Saturday, 29 March 2014

Painted Future Wars figures.

A couple of weeks ago I finished these figures. As life has been a bit unpredictable lately I had not had a chance to photograph them before today.

The majority of them are for my Crazy Crew Gang (marked in red). These are becoming so numerous that I think they will be turning into a new faction rather than just another Civilian Gang. I now have plenty of long range weaponry as well as close combat items that they should be able to live in their own settlement, and take care of the Zombie problem as well. I am also thinking of using them as gun runners to the Monkeys which will make them Outlaws. I also dug out some Monster trucks I bought years ago on a whim which will suit this gang.

The other three figures are; a Mother Superior figure from Reaper to command my Sky Clad Nuns, Michael Jackson Zombie and man on Toilet (terrain) both from Mega Miniatures.

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