Sunday, 10 August 2014

Thoughts on Flames of War and Demo Game.

No photos to post today as I am stressing out trying to finish off a few items for next weeks Demo Game of Pulp Alley.
I have just finished the Italeri North African house which I will be using as a jail. My River Boat needs a few things done before I can say its done, plus some figures which include my Madness tribute Band and some Celeb's. I should be able to photograph these during the upcoming game.
We had a quick setup with mate Rays buildings last weekend which looked real good. This will give us lots of Alleyways and cover plus it will give us places to put the bystanders.

Since my partner is taking over my gaming room, I thought I would sort through my FOW pile to see if theres anything worth selling off. I made a pile of bits and unopened packets while trying to work out prices I kept thinking, " I like these" (and my girlfriend said that they are cute).  Now I have painted and sold off three Soviet Armies plus Winter terrain and some other bits before, but I just cannot bring myself to sell off my German Armies. My buildings never sold on Trademe so I am kind of thinking of using them for games with other rules like IABSM. I like Lardies rules but am not sure if I like these so maybe just House Rule FOW instead.

The things I have decided to keep now are; Mid War Brits in short sleeves, US Rangers (Darbies) plus some German bits. (I always wanted to model the Herman Goering Division based in Italy). I have also kept a box of Russian Cossacks both mounted and unmounted plus 10 Stuarts. (I have a Early/Mid War German army to oppose them already painted).
I am not going to follow the army lists too much. I find you need to buy too many things like AA or field guns that you don't really need but help when doing morale checks. I also want to use the Rangers with the Brits which you cannot do in FOW comps.
These armies will not duplicate my 20mm collection which is Late War , so Late War German kit and my Typhoons will have to go.

If you have read this far I would like to point out that I am not bagging FOW. I really enjoyed playing it from the days of the original Yahoo group to the early days of the 2nd rule book. I also have my name in a couple of books as a Play Tester. I just found I got bored with it and that I kept getting caught out with the special rules in comps. Plus I got tired of the discussions during games with people I have never met before. (I get enough of that at work as a Service Engineer) I loved painting Soviets but hated the Hen and Chicks rule, and found I did really well in comps but then something would go wrong leaving me finishing worse than I liked. I was never any good at designing a winning Army so think friendly games are more my style.

Cheers, hope to post something more interesting next week.

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