Saturday, 28 February 2015

Weird Vietnam

On the Fields of Fire Online forum we are having a Weird Vietnam group build. I ran out of time due to having very little painting time available but want to finish what I started to build.

Display models are allowed so having no idea what to build I looked at a Revell M-35 truck. This is a weird size at 1/40th scale so of no use for anything else. I bought it second hand a few years ago thinking it might be worth something. When I finally broke open the plastic bag and found a 1989 production date on the chassis I found it was only worth the $12 I paid for it!

Well now I had the truck but what to do with it? I dug out some figures from a toy car set which matched the figures in the box size-wise I decided to paint them as a USO unit. I may use the plastic US figures but they are Pre-Vietnam era with M1's and no Helmet covers etc.

I have been watching a few custom and 4x4 videos on youtube lately so thought I'd modify the truck a bit. The body was shortened by reducing the cargo area and then I moved the spare wheel and petrol tank to behind the cab. This enabled the shortening of the chassis. I next chopped the screen height and hood and then cut out a hole in the bonnet to enable a large engine to be fitted. I had intended to fit 1/35th scale wheels but these turned out to be the same size as the kits wheels so stuck with them.
I found some exhaust pipes from the same toy car that the engine came with, so fitted them even though I thought them a bit strange and likely to be damaged in that position.

Hopefully I can start to paint the truck soon but had a problem with the undercoat leaving the rubber wheel compound sticky. Which was lucky as I tried it on the sprue first.

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