Sunday, 6 September 2015

Whats on my table? Vietnam of course.

I have set up the Demo game as well as I could figure out where everything finished up. The left flank  was fairly well documented with photos and notes. The Main attack needed a bit of figuring out as I had not noted the amount of shock points or casualties taken in that area. However when I had packed everything away I had grouped the killed figures together which gave me a starting point.

So restarting at turn six things carried on as before with the main attack slowly moving forward while the left flank reformed to a defensive line. I played two turns but still did not get any more points for the Free World forces other than six killed VC. The VC also killed six but earned twelve points for their efforts.

The civilians slowly making their way across the river.

Repositioned MMG which did serious damage to to a section across the river.

US 2nd platoon section three finally arrived and set up a defensive line.

I allowed a destroyed VC section to come back on as reinforcements from the tunnel complex.

Taking heat from MMG fire as well as Infantry.

VC attack on the left flank still ongoing.

Platoon one section three finally making its way into the village with Flamethrower support.

The river crossing coming under mortar fire.

The reformed left flank protecting the Mortar position and HQ.

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