Wednesday, 23 December 2015

US Special Forces.

I had some fun painting these but made some mistakes when putting a dark wash over the uniforms and skin colours. I had to repaint the skin and then used the correct wash afterwards. The Tiger stripes were looking very nice but I had not quite got the ERDL looking correct as I made a mistake when putting down the base colour. You probably cannot see the difference between the two uniform types from the photos anyway. The three figures in black uniforms are going to be my A team members to go with my Montagnards. (They need a bit more Matt varnish)

From reading various accounts on the Internet it seems that LRRP Teams can operate from 6 to 12 members. 12 members are hard to conceal so they would normally have just six. I have painted a few extras so I can field a large team when I want to. I also have a Rambo figure who can fit in with these guys as I cannot think of another use for him.

A Team members


LRRP Team extra figures.

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