Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mummy - Pyramid layout explained

I was asked on Lead Adventures if I could give some more details on the layout of my Pyramid. I hope the following explains how the Pyramid works. I sort of made it up as I went along and happily everything seems to function properly for my games.
Percy will be our guide as the danger has passed for the moment. We hope.
Main entrance via ramps
Top down view of ramps
Once the top of the Pyramid has been removed we can see an doorway concealed on the left of the small entrance cavity. Opening this door will release rock balls which will run down the small corridor crushing anyone in the way. The ball will then fall into a small hole which leads down to the lower levels.

Once into the corridor a concealed entrance can be seen in the middle of the dividing wall. (This is opened by removing a small nail and falls by gravity) making anyone standing on that part of the floor fall to the level below which just happens to contain a trench full of Tomb Scorpions or snakes depending on what I have on hand.

View from below which I did not see the need to paint (unfortunately).

Once the Pyramid is removed we can see the Cavern below. I've fudged the ground level as I have not yet worked out a way of cutting out a space in a tabletop.

Now we move outside again to the other entrance concealed within a smaller Pyramid.

We can remove the top of this Pyramid to see the doorway.

This doorway leads by way of tunnels to this doorway in the Cavern below the main ramps, which would be the way the Mummy's followers would use.

Outside again we find a small Needle Monument which has a concealed entranceway used by Tomb robbers.
This leads by way of Tunnels to two holes which have been dug into the cavern wall.

Lefthand back corner 
Righthand back corner
I hope this has been useful for anyone else intending to make something similar. 
I'd love to use this for a Demo game at a convention but since Will moved away I have not found anyone really interested in playing Pulp style games locally.


  1. Wow, it has everything! I love all the traps.
    I'm currently thinking of meso america terrain, but this will come in handy once I get to Egypt!

    What is the pyramid itself made of?

    1. Its made out of blue foam and foam board with details from Hirst.

  2. This is made from Hirst Arts blocks, right? I've been wanting to make something like this myself, but am concerned about how heavy it would be to transport. Can you tell me the dimensions and weight of the model, please?

    1. The base of the Pyramid is 450 x 450 mm. The base is 480 x 580 mm. It actually weights very little as its mostly made from Blue Foam and Foam Core. Only the details are from Hirst.
      I have damaged some of the structure moving it around but I don't think you can tell from the photos.

  3. Nice work, and thanks for the tour. I've got to make one of these someday, probably using Hirst Arts molds.

  4. Looks great. What's the next project?

    1. Thanks, I am currently working on my Nottingham Castle for my Robin Hood project. I posted some photos on Lead Adventures but will start posting them here as well.