Sunday, 26 May 2013

Wagons ready for play

The Wagons are ready to use but I may go back and add reins etc later if I feel like it. The canopy on the passenger wagon has not been sealed yet, and the top of the treasure Wagon is still separate.
I'm a little worried about the weight so have been picking them up with both hands. They probably could have done with a thicker base than the two layers of 1mm plastic card which they currently have.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Castle update

Not really much to report at the moment other than trying to sort out a few problems. Some parts are not fitting as well as I hoped and I am trying to sort out some items for the small Blacksmiths shop. I have added sand over the parts that did not look right plus have done all the base painting on the castle base.

The wagons are coming on really well and I should have some photos posted by the weekend.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Treasure and passenger Wagons for Robin Hood.

I thought I would need some wagons for Robin and the Merry Men to ambush. So set about converting two Hussite War Wagons from Kingmaker. One is to be for carrying treasure while the other is to be used for important passengers. I did not really have much in the way of references other than the treasure wagon in the Robin Hood outtakes, plus a few pictures of other wagons found on the web.
I figured that everyone else seems to make things up for Robin Hood so it should not matter too much anyway.
These pictures were taken before I sprayed them with varnish. I also tried a new method for painting the horses which seems to look ok.

Passenger wagon with unpainted second attempt at doing a canopy.

Treasure wagon.

First attempt at doing a canopy.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

WIP of the Castle.

I originally said I would not do WIP's on the blog, however I seem to have forgotten that promise when I posted the shots of my building work last week. I decided this week I would post some progress photos of the Castle.
I have put three different colours on the base so far. I still need to do some more filling and some areas would be improved with some sand and paint for extra texture.

Shot of the base from above.

The texture seen here is just from using a Rasp against the foam. 
The forward edge is too smooth from using filler and then sanding the ridges off.
I did not really think that through enough beforehand.

I really like the texture of the base but I needed to add some cart tracks and came up with this little device to press into the foam. I think you can just see the effect in the photos and hope it will show up better when I do more painting.