Friday, 16 April 2021

AZW Water Wagon

A friend gave me this Water Cart when he decided that AZW wasn't really his thing. Tyrone also gave me a bunch of figures which I will have to paint up. This was an Empress item which Tyrone kept the Horse for so I used the Bull and arms from a Front Rank Wagon. I have no idea if this was a likely configuration but it works for me. I found it really fiddly to work with really thin wheels which look unlikely to survive the campaign.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Panzer II

 I bought this Warlord Panzer II last year during lockdown in a Panic buy. A year later I still have plenty of things to paint and fortunately(?), only spent three weeks at home and then still had to do online training for work. I also spent four weeks locked away in a workshop for work so didn't have that much extra time to spend on my hobby. The idea was to use this Tank for Crete but once I did some research found that it was the wrong Mark for Crete and seemed out of scale (too large) for use with my 38T's which I use for France. So it got put aside for 6 months. Later on I decide to convert the copula and use it anyway. The Hull is not the correct configuration but will live with it. I used some 1/76th scale decals and hand painted the Devils head unit symbol. The markings are for the first of the two tanks landed on Crete but should have been on the hull side rather than turret.

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Ancient British, Chariot, Wagon and Warband.

I finally managed to complete a few items for various projects. The first of the three are more Ancient British Celts. The first up is a Renegade Chariot I swapped some figures for earlier this year. Although painted quite decently was never going to fit in with my Army, so required stripping. Events in January gave me some inspiration for the new paint scheme and the Warrior had such a familiar pose that I couldn't resist doing a parody figure. I could have added some more detail to it but felt that a hint was enough for the curious. The driver is just a small but hard to explain joke.

Next up is a two Horse cart which was originally a Front Rank item which I swapped out the Bull with some horses from the spares box, and the pole with a water cart. One of the horses was bare of any harness etc, so I had to add some detail to it with Greenstuff. The Slaves are from Black Tree Design driver from Victrix..

I also have painted some Warriors which will be based later. Some of these were going to be Javelin throwers but as I had too many I added some shields to them to use in a Warband. There are also a couple of figures which I painted years ago but never based. My next batch are all mainly in Mail, so I figure once I complete them plus the next batch of Mail wearing figures I will mix them all up and base them. There is also a pack of Renegade Warriors that will have to be painted before I base.