Sunday, 22 December 2019

Cyber Punk Terrain - Utility Walkway

I think I may have mentioned that this was originally made with Necromunda in mind, but I decided to use it for my Future Wars collection. I have been doing some reading about Judge Dredd and really like the backstory on that. My Future Wars collection started as a German based theme with my Copplestone Police. I now see this Terrain as part of the services required for one of the large Habitation Blocks. Not everything can be built underground so this one is above ground. The reason for the large Hazard strips is that the pipes are filled with Toxic or other unpleasant waste matter. It would be unwise for a flying vehicle to crash into them.

I have used posters I found on the Cyber Punk Facebook page and some other places on the net to decorate the structure as it looks a bit bland otherwise. The Towers are made from Pringles Tubes, the pipes are some plastic tube I found somewhere, and the walkways are some recycled parts with Granny Grate. there are still plenty of unpainted items to paint. I will tackle doing the Water Blasters next once I finish the building I bought two weeks ago. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Mordheim Goblins

I think that I will be putting this project aside for now as no actual gaming has eventuated. I have another Gang planned which is Human that I will do when I find I want to do something different. I have too many other things I need to paint.

I bought these Goblins off Ebay but found that one of the Fanatics was missing his head. I then had to buy some Blue Stuff and attempted to copy the other one. The first attempt using Green Stuff did not turn out very nice but the second attempt using Selleys Knead-It worked out well enough. Including the flattened nose as I had made the mould too shallow.

I have made no attempt to name any of them as I am fast losing interest in this. The Troll gave me a few issues. I wanted to try a blue skin tone and at first did not like it so put it aside for a few days. I then took another look in daylight and quite liked it, and then added some white veins. The eyes are not right as is also the Squigs, so I may revisit these after I have had time to think about it.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

The Waaagh-Black Orks

Looks like I picked the wrong Team to paint as it is the morning after the England verses All Black game. I named these figures after past and present All Blacks and as the Leadership are Black Orks the name just suggested itself. I don't normally paint names on bases but really need to on these so to keep track of who is who in a game.  The writing sucks but they looked worse than before painting the red background. The figures are mainly from the old Warhammer plastic ranges with the exception of the Banner Boy who is a Skulls promotion figure which I had no use for. The other two figures I bought second hand. Grimsaw Ironhide was bought online as already painted and needed to be stripped while Borgut Facebeater was new in the packaging. The Shaman was converted from various components. His staff looks a little unbalanced but since I had drilled and fitted a brass rod through the entire length of the shaft its too late now to go back and correct it. The colours of the trousers and skirts are based on which Super Franchise the players come from.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Sarrison Precision Train Station, 4Ground building and a Tent.

The Station was bought as I saw it on sale and thought that it would fit in with my WW1 Desert terrain. However when I opened the packet it was much larger than I thought it would be. I quickly decided to make it more European so I could use it for WW2.

It was a simple task to build but as always it looked very bland. I added some of the left over grey board to the bottom of the walls and then paved the floor. I also added some brick texture to the interior walls. I then tried to texture the MDF with two coats of Mr Surfacer but all this did was to seal it. I then coated it with some wall filler which worked well.

To make it look more European I added a canopy over the platform, although this is more a British look but they do turn up in Europe but are not that common from what I see on a Google search.

I see that I neglected to take photos of the fully painted building before moving on.  I was just about to put the building away in my games room and saw some photos of a Toofatlardies game using the same building set in Burma. I had watched the build on the Blog so thought I would try and do my own version with a second roof. I should mention that the support for the roof are toothpick brushes.

I had intended to use the same car spray paint that I had used on my Vietnam buildings but found that  just a thick stream of paint would come out of the can, so now had to hand paint it with Vallejo Silver. I hate using expensive paint to do large areas on buildings but had little alternative. It did not cover well but after the use of powders for rust and earth was applied it turned out ok.

Next up is a 4Ground building, I think its a Cook house for La Haye Saint but thought the colour would go with my earlier buildings I had made. It went together ok but I had loads of trouble getting the three layers of walls to line up properly so some of the detail bits look a bit crooked. I covered the burnt edges up with some paint as I think this really improves them. The painting took as long as building it.

Lastly I painted a Tent which I had bought from Charlie Foxtrot. The Oil Stain which I use for staining the bases on my Zulu War project had gone like Jelly so I instead used my home made stain and found that there is no discernible difference to my eyes at least.

I may have to revisit the bases on my Napoleonic's as I was never happy with then.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Reality's Edge, Cyber Punk Rules

Oh so I have started something new, what a surprise?

Actually this is a logical progression for my Necromunda and Future Wars Collections.
I have fallen out of love with Necromunda and had stopped working on my Terrain for that as I really did not want to make everything I had collected rusty and wrecked looking. The idea was to get as many levels as possible but I did not want to have walkways with out any purpose like you see so often in some of the MDF setups for Necromunda.

 I had always been looking for a good set of rules for my Future Wars figures which I suppose is Cyber Punk anyway. So far I have been reading the book which seems quite straight forward and simple to use. I will need to paint up some new items for this but as I bought some Sci-fi Robots from a Kickstarter I won't need to buy much. Vehicles may be harder to find however.

The table I set up for Necromunda has been sitting idle for awhile while I struggled with ideas and enthusiasm. However with the new set of rules I started to add some Cyber Punk type items like Mantic Sci-Fi doors and then added some buildings. I also took away items which looked out of place. I then added a few figures and took some photos. Much of what you see is still a work in progress and not likely to be finished anytime soon. I think it would be difficult to go bigger than a 6x4 table as access to some areas would be impossible.

Maglev type trains


Power Station

Bloody Hippies

As myincubus asked, there are cut down Water Blasters as power plant type towers. The Maglev trains are tanks also from the cut down Water Blasters.