Saturday, 26 September 2020

Celtic Chariots D E F

 The next three Chariots starting with the Druid. I am not sure if he is meant to represent a leader or if he acts as some kind of spiritual adviser to Boudica? He will just join with the other Chariots in my Army. I failed to mention last post that I found some of the tufts really dark and shiny. I resolved that by dry-brushing them with twice with Russian Uniform and then Middlestone both from Vallejo. Did I mention that I have another six Chariots on the way from Victrix? I was originally going to get some from Warlord but luckily in time my brother observed how large my Chariots are in comparison with his Warlord and Foundry versions.

Chariot D

Chariot E

Chariot F

This one that I am waiting for the shield transfer before I can assemble it.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Celtic Chariots A B C

I have finished the first batch of 12 Celtic Chariots, well 99% done. I just have to add the front pieces of the reins on the Victrix versions. The weather was so good on Sunday that I felt it was the best time to photograph them all finished or not. I will post them three at a time as otherwise it would be a huge post. I labelled them from A to L so I could keep track of the various parts before final assembly. The transfers were a real pain to start with but once I did a few I really got the hang of cutting them out and the result was worthwhile. I had two attempts to add flock to the bases as I felt that the land was not Green and Pleasant enough (my little joke). Chariot B, Boudica will be one of the Generals. These are all completely Victrix plastic parts.

Chariot A

Chariot B

Chariot C