Saturday, 28 January 2017

9th Zulu Regiment finished

I have named these as the Umkhulushane. I hope that is the correct spelling as this seems to change depending on what resource you refer to. I may end up throwing out all the names at some stage if I find a complete record of the Zulu History. I recently downloaded Ian Knights Zulu rising but have not had a chance to read it yet. Which may have all the answers I need. I also tried to join his Facebook Historical group but seem to be being ignored for the moment.

I could go on about all the issues I had making this regiment but, dropping a box of them on the floor and dropping a lightbulb which I was changing above my desk on the finished figures should suffice. (I also ran out of filler on a long weekend). However they are finished now and fit in with the rest of the Army. The light was a bit dull today but have adjusted the photos as much as possible.

I had a rethink about my storage solution for my models. I decided that I don't really need display shelves in my room as I don't get that many visitors these days, and that would also be a waste of space. I found some plastic trays which were cheap enough and fit three regiment a tray, and are three trays tall. They fit perfectly into my shelving and will probably buy more. So far I have put all my Zulu and excess Vietnam figures and vehicles into these. I am looking into buying some magnetic sheets as most of my single figures are mounted on steel washers. The Zulu Regiments just need an anti-slip sheet under them.