Saturday, 2 February 2019

Pioneers, NNC Ammo and Porters.

I finished these well over a week ago but life has been too busy since Christmas to take and post photos. I based these figures as singles so they could be used for other games like Congo and will also be able to be deployed around encampments etc.

I've had the movement trays for years as they were intended to be used for Zombie movement trays. Unfortunately I found out that not all GW style bases are the same size. The ones I got from EM4 and other places were too big to fit once they were painted. However these were already painted grey with sand texturing so it was a simple matter to repaint and put some flock and grass on them. I have two more trays ready for some British figures which I will do later on.

As I did not have enough figures to fill each tray with the same type of figure I raided the spares box and did some converting. The figures are a mix of Foundry AZW and Darkest Africa figures, Casting Room, Black Tree and a Warlord plastic.  The converted Black Tree Zulu Chief reminds me of Errol Brown so wonder what chant they will be singing?

The flesh tone looks much better and less glossy in reality.