Saturday, 17 June 2017

8th edition of 40k.

You might wonder why I am suddenly talking about 40k? Well in the late 1990's early 2000's I collected quite a bit of kit. Most I sold off as I only managed to play a couple of games as I was heavily into FOW at that stage. I had a painted Sisters of Battle Army that I always liked and could not bare to part with. Similarly I had collected a pile of Imperial Guard kit which was mainly Valhallans and some Catachans. I really liked the sculpting of the Valhallans and also the metal Catachans. The plastic Catachans really put me off as I could not make them look very good but still have a pile of them. Recently the manager of the local GW shop befriended me on Facebook where I learnt about the new version of 40k. Today I bought Imperium2 and the new rules. Surprisingly I have spent most of the afternoon and evening reading both. I don't usually read that much. I also got out my Sisters to try and work out how to organise them. I think I can make an Army fairly easily as I also have quite a few figures and one Immolator unpainted. The Exorcist is a scratch build as there were no models available at the time or even a list other than Chapter Approved. Some of the painting needs an update as I was changing over from Enamels at the time.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Helmet Cover and Hat.

Once again I find myself regretting Labelling my Militaria Posts as Collecting Vietnam.
I guess it would be too much work to go back and edit the Labels.

I saw that someone local was selling a Woodland Pattern Helmet Cover for a reasonable price. Since I had trouble finding one when I needed it last time and had to resort to Ebay, I thought  that I might as well buy it. It is the same as my previous Cover but the Date panel is very faded. I think it is dated 84 but will need an Ultraviolet light to see it properly. Now I am wondering if I should buy a Helmet for it?

I am planning a Holiday in the Sun at some stage so thought I'd get a Bush Hat to throw in my suitcase. I had a look online at a French version which I really liked and also the British Desert pattern . However I have a very large head and Hats often shrink so thought I'd have a look in the Local Comrades Army Surplus Store. They had a decent selection of Hats and one French version which was much too small. There were several of the British version in a range of sizes and ended up with a size 60cm, while my head measures 57. I hope that it is not too current and I end up upsetting another Tourist.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Paint your Wagons.

I have just finished painting up some 4Ground Wagons and a Water Cart.
I really like these but kept thinking to myself that they are too big. However my only previous experience with wagons have been with an Old Glory Stage Coach and some Wagons scratch built using Hinchcliffe Cannon wheels. So maybe they were smaller because of the era that they are from when models were 25mm tall.

The general purpose Wagon was painted first using a colour mixed from a Vallejo Grey with some Blue added to it. I used far more than I was happy with and had to keep mixing up more and more paint to cover them plus the Water Wagon and stand. With the Boer Wagons I decided to use a different approach and went and bought some Art store paint. This was quite a bit easier to work with and was easily thinned. I was not sure of the Colour of these wagons so enquired on TMP, where we did not really get a consensus of the correct Colour. However it was pointed out that an Osprey has a wagon painted Green and Red which was what I found when Googling for images. I am still not sure if this is a modern idea of what the Colour should be. I did find an advert for another type of wagon which was sold in a standard Colour scheme. Unfortunately I did not save the image. The Green has been highlighted with a lighter Green and I first put a Devlan Mud wash in the corners which I could not see so put a wash of Agrax Earthshade which is not really evident either. The metalwork on the wheels were first painted a really dark brown and then I tried to paint Oily Steel over the top. I did not like the look so repainted the wheels (only the Water Cart fortunately) and then rubbed a Lead pencil over them which I like as it is quite subtle. I was not sure if the barrels should be painted or left plain. I assumed that they would use any old barrel to hand.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Zulu Casualty and Disorder markers.

I have just finished my Zulu Casualty and Disorder markers for use with Black Powder.
I think they would be usable for other Rule Sets as well.

The figures are a mix of: Black Tree Design, Wargames Foundry, Casting Room Miniatures and Empress. My least liked figures are the Empress. I used plastic weapons taken from the left over Warlord sprues on the standing figures and the fragile Empress weapons on the prone figures.

The weather has been so wet and cold most of this year I am finding it very difficult to use any spray paint or varnish. I instead brushed on the Varnish which came out a bit glossy. I also had to use my lounge lights to photograph as it was so dark at midday so the photos are not that great.