Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Cyber Punk High Speed Trains.

These were made out of water tanks from Water pistols. I added some doors and covered the cap with a vent. After painting I added some decals from Warlords Judge Dredd decal sheet.

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Battle Kiwi Church

You may have seen this one before. 

I was never happy with the finish as it looked too Dolls House picture perfect to me as I knew I had rushed it to get it on the table. So during lockdown I took it off the table where it was being used for a game and dirtied it up again and then did some dry brushing. The roof also looked too plain and boring so painted a pattern on it. I'm not sure this is any better but I will leave it now.

Monday, 6 September 2021

Red Vectors Bunker

Oh dear I seem to neglected my Blog. I discovered that Twitter is really easy to post using photos taken directly from my iPhone, without messing around with my old camera it is so much easier. I will continue to Blog as I find it is a really useful tool for recording my Hobby and easy to go back and look things up. Twitter seems to be rather difficult in that respect, or maybe I just have not worked it out yet?

I needed to order some MDF bases for my DBMM Army and saw a couple of cheap bunkers on Mini Bits site so ordered one small and one large for WW2. However when they turned up they seemed to be better suited to 40k. I assembled the large one and then once dry I sawed the front off and rebuilt the Embrasures.  I then covered the MDF with some Hobby Basswood and also covered the roof in green foam. One side is designed to hold an AT Gun, in this case a Soviet 76mm and the other side a Wargames Foundry LMG on AA mount. The other Bunker will be getting a Black Tree Design HMG. 

I'm really pleased how well this turned out. I have had plenty of time to work on it as we have been on Lockdown although I have had to work part time.

I will take more photos once I have painted the crew figures and made the other Bunker.