Saturday, 14 May 2016

M113 work in progress

Since it is taking so long to make any progress on my M113's I thought I'd share some WIP photos.

 I have found it really tricky to assemble the shields, guns and Commanders before painting which means I have to pre-paint each assembly prior to fitting. I have not found a paint colour that I am happy to hand paint that matches the Tamiya Olive Drab spray cans that I plan on using. This means its just taking ages to make any progress.
I have almost finished the figures that fit into the hatches and tub but cannot really start on the riders until everything else is assembled. I intend adding a bit more clutter by way of spare equipment scattered around on the vehicles. I forgot to install the radio operator into the M577 before I sealed it up but hope to slip him in later. I should have taken a photo of the painted interior also.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Indluyengwe II Unmarried Zulu Regiment

I have made a bit of a mix up and have managed to paint this regiment twice. The reason is I have just been loaned some Osprey books which show some of the headdresses worn by each Regiment. I also found some references online which contradict the Osprey plates. I decided to go with the Osprey versions.
My previously named Indluyengwe I think I will rename as Amashutu but had better double check my references first.

I remembered to change my settings on my camera this time so the pictures are a bit clearer.