Friday, 9 April 2021

Panzer II

 I bought this Warlord Panzer II last year during lockdown in a Panic buy. A year later I still have plenty of things to paint and fortunately(?), only spent three weeks at home and then still had to do online training for work. I also spent four weeks locked away in a workshop for work so didn't have that much extra time to spend on my hobby. The idea was to use this Tank for Crete but once I did some research found that it was the wrong Mark for Crete and seemed out of scale (too large) for use with my 38T's which I use for France. So it got put aside for 6 months. Later on I decide to convert the copula and use it anyway. The Hull is not the correct configuration but will live with it. I used some 1/76th scale decals and hand painted the Devils head unit symbol. The markings are for the first of the two tanks landed on Crete but should have been on the hull side rather than turret.

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Ancient British, Chariot, Wagon and Warband.

I finally managed to complete a few items for various projects. The first of the three are more Ancient British Celts. The first up is a Renegade Chariot I swapped some figures for earlier this year. Although painted quite decently was never going to fit in with my Army, so required stripping. Events in January gave me some inspiration for the new paint scheme and the Warrior had such a familiar pose that I couldn't resist doing a parody figure. I could have added some more detail to it but felt that a hint was enough for the curious. The driver is just a small but hard to explain joke.

Next up is a two Horse cart which was originally a Front Rank item which I swapped out the Bull with some horses from the spares box, and the pole with a water cart. One of the horses was bare of any harness etc, so I had to add some detail to it with Greenstuff. The Slaves are from Black Tree Design driver from Victrix..

I also have painted some Warriors which will be based later. Some of these were going to be Javelin throwers but as I had too many I added some shields to them to use in a Warband. There are also a couple of figures which I painted years ago but never based. My next batch are all mainly in Mail, so I figure once I complete them plus the next batch of Mail wearing figures I will mix them all up and base them. There is also a pack of Renegade Warriors that will have to be painted before I base.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

I have been slack with posting.

During the past couple of months I have done plenty of hobby work but have not really completed much.

I prefer to assemble during the day and paint at night so with Holidays etc I seem to flit from one project to another. Photographed below are a Water Cart for AZW , a Chariot and wagon for my DBMM Ancient Britons, a Panzer II for Crete, and a Blitzkrieg Tiger and Panther for Chain of Command. I also did some work on my Cyber Punk layout but have not taken any photos yet.


Saturday, 20 February 2021

Christmas Holiday Challenge Completed.

Well the Challenge is completed due to time constraints, but neither Army is Complete.

I am quite pleased with my effort and am waiting to see Tyrones figures. I only managed to paint a HQ Squad with a Kommissar, one squad plus the two vehicles I had started earlier. The two Copplestone figures had some changes to make them compatible with the others. The vehicles had been modified about a decade ago when modifications had rules, I am not sure if there are any these days?

HQ Squad.

Squad one.

Leman Russ.


Copplestone figures.

Army shots.

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Christmas 40k challenge

I think some mention of how I came to possess such a large number of Imperial Guard figures would be a good place to start. I have never been a 40k player but have been interested in the Universe and the obvious amount of thought that had gone into it. I have a large amount of Sisters of Battle figures and have sold off an Ork Army many years ago, but other than a couple of games I had not really played 40k. Once I had enough Sisters figures I started to collect Imperial Guard. I managed to get hold of large amounts of Valhallans and Catachans. I also bought quite a few Praetorians and Mordians on sale but as these were out of production I eventually sold them off as I did not get enough to make an army of either. I then started collecting 28mm WW2, BOB and Cowboys as these were being played at the club, so the 40k collections got pushed aside. I did however keep picking up second hand Valhallans when I saw them for sale here and there.

Recently a friend (Tyrone) and I each watched Luke of Lukes APS video about him painting a Praetorian Army, which sparked a conversation. Some time later Tyrone was in possession of my pile of Catachans and I had a pile of cash and some 4Ground buildings. (I was never going to have time to paint two Imperial Guard Armies) Then Tyrone suggested a Holiday challenge which would be two sections and a HQ. I think the way this is going its going to be a Summer challenge as the figures I have are quite complex and I want to do a really good job on them.

So the obvious question is "what colour scheme or theme for them?"

My original plan was WW2 Soviets, but I have painted plenty of 15 and 28mm Soviets so then thought Stalingrad Germans. Since then I have painted many 28mm Germans so that idea was binned as well. After that I painted my WW1 French so thought Horizon Blue and paint the Tanks in a suitable French Camouflage. However Wargames Atlantic have produced some nice Late War French which I like so the search was back on. Some Googling later and I found a photo of a Leopard Tank in Winter Camouflage which interested me.

A slight modification of the Tank scheme later and I decided to do Winter Valhallans largely Soviet based but as they have dress elements in the way of Epaulettes, sashes and breastplates a nod to the Imperial Russian look would be in order.

These are WIP photos as I had not touched up after using washes nor have I started on the white overcoats. You may notice the Copplestone figures which I used as practice figures to work out some colour choices. Two of the figures will be used as Tank Commanders.

Tyrone is doing the normal Catachan paint job as far as I can tell. These are also very much a WIP shot so will update later. We live about 90 minutes away from each other so I can't just pop over for a photo shoot. Tyrone has also been buying up some Mordians but the majority of the Army will be the plastic Catachans.

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Warlord Games Ancient British Slingers

 I picked up one packet of these up locally and one from Warlord direct. The packet from Warlord came with some kind of Ancient Greek looking archer instead of a slinger! I have substituted a spare Renegade Archer from a Chariot to take the missing Slingers place.  I also found out that I had been looking at an out of date army list that I found on the internet instead of my own copy which has been in my car for months. I found that I just needed one more stand of Javelin throwers to max out the Army list. I made up two Warlord figures but used left over Victrix heads. I was surprised how well they fitted. Since taking the photos I have matted and based the figures, but not done the terrain. I had difficulty taking photos with the usual black background so used a cardboard box instead. So excuse the rather odd look.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Great War Miniatures French 75mm Field Gun

 The latest piece to come off the painting desk. I'm quite pleased with this but will make a few observations. The first being that I was not sure of the exact shade that the gun should be, so just went with some coloured plates that I found on the net. I feel that the shade should be lighter and more grey. Some plates showed the crew with double striped trousers and others showed single. I opted for single as it was easier to do. The gun is very nice as are the figures. The only issue is that the figures mounted on the gun base are very small with bobble heads. The other two on single bases are a decent size. Once placed on the table top I doubt that this is very noticeable but it bothered me when painting them.