Monday, 22 June 2020

German WW2 Engineers and Pak40

A couple of items from the Lead Pile and a new acquisition.
I have had the Crusader Engineers for many years as well as the Blacktree Radio set. As I have been using Chain of Command I felt the need to add some Engineers to clear a couple of Mine Fields. Ok these don't have the right tools but they are Engineers so they ill do for now.

 I bought the radio set which also came with a walking set which I have been using for years. I was not sure what to do with these figures until I needed a 3rd Jump Off Point for Big CoC. Having run through a game of Big CoC I am feeling unsatisfied as I never seem to have enough Dice to do more than do the basics. I feel the need to invent something a bit larger and treat the two Platoons a side like individual organisations. I will write more once I test out some ideas.

The Artizan  Pak40 I bought with the American Gun Crews earlier this year. I also bought a second set of figures to fill out the Crew. The Officer got a head and pistol case from a Warlord Plastic set and one of the standing figures got his cut off head. The gun does not really capture the look of the Pak40 that well in my opinion. I thought I had got a Pak38 by mistake when I first opened the packet. I added a gunners arm shield, I suppose you'd call it that. I also added a shovel to the lower shield and widened it as it looked too narrow. I also reshaped the piece under the gun barrel which was flat with some pointed plastic card. I think it turned out well.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Ancient British Slingers and some Naked Punks.

Just some Black Tree Design Celt Slingers that have been photographed before I mat sprayed them. I still have not ordered ant bases for this Army yet as I am still uncertain about the postage situation.

 After I finished the previous Fanatics and made a joke about the Sex Pistols I thought that I should have made a joke element. I have the maximum allowed Fanatics so I will only use this stand occasionally.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Dads Army final items finished

For now, he says.

I've had the Wargames Foundry figures painted for well over a decade now as they were used for a Demo Game in about 2004, give or take a year. I bought some other items from Warlord Games whenever I've been ordering something else. The figures from Warlord are a little taller than the older figures but they seem to work together ok.

This Model A van I had originally painted up to use as a GAZ Radio Van for my Russian forces. As I had only painted two Infantry Sections and two Scout sections before I abandoned that project, I will have to go back and finish it sometime. During the Lockdown I was watching the Dads Army marathon on TV and remembered this Van. A quick Google for the signs and a repaint of the windows and it was done.

Before the Lockdown I had bought and opened some Araldite and Super Glue and thought I had better use them before they dried out, so dived into the Lead Pile to find some things that needed assembling. These Dads Army items were the result of that search along with the PAK40 I will be painting soon, (Also the 76m AT Guns just finished)

This Smith Gun was a tricky little item to assemble. I also added a plastic Brit crewman fitted with a lead head and helmet that was left over from the kit.

This Armadillo turned out nicely. It is based as most of my Early Vehicles are as I started with some Tony Ashcroft 1/56th 38T's which have an integral base. The figures are quite a tight fit and needed some slimming down.

A Bofors 40mm AA Gun. I added an extra crewman and a dice to the base for casualty removal. The plastic figure has a metal Helmet and took some slimming down to get him close to the others. I still think he looks odd.

Monday, 11 May 2020

US76mm AT Guns

There is quite a tale behind the purchase of these guns. 
I wanted a 76mm AT Gun as I was planning to enter a Bolt Action Competition with my US Winter themed Troops. However I decided that the paint jobs were not up to it and entered with some Late War Germans instead, and ordered the Gun anyway. What turned up was a Gun crewed by summer equiped troops. I complained to the local supplier who asked for photos etc. They were informed by Warlord that they cannot supply the correct troops and refunded my money. About a month later another Gun turned up from Warlord for free with the correct crew! So now I had two guns with a Summer crew and a Winter Crew. Some time later I downloaded the Old Hickory PDF from TooFatLardies and found that I could use these two guns and the two old Black Tree Design 57mm I already had. Only I needed more Crew figures. Two sets of Artizan Winter Gun crew were ordered to which I added the four figures from a Warlord Gun and then the Summer Crew were added to the 57's with a couple of BAR Gunners from Crusader Miniatures to make up the numbers.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Chain of Command Jump off points

The resin Chain of Command "Jump off Points" I bought when I ordered the rules consist of two British and two German items. I also wanted some American markers as well so I had a look around to see what I had in my spares boxes. I had a set of resin crates and three oil drums which just needed a couple of bits adding to them to match the style of the others. I even managed to make the same mistake with the Jerry Cans and gave them German styled ones. The German bases have US style cans. The Tarp was made out of some Lead sheet.

Monday, 20 April 2020

My increased production under the current Lockdown.

A friend asked me why I wasn't updating the Blog more often while we are under Lockdown?
There are really two reasons for this the first being that I am only making a slight increase in production. I am currently supposed to be working so I have to do some online training for half the day which leaves a few hours for doing some prep work, but I have also been using the time to work in the garden or other chores. I don't usually paint during the day as I prefer to do that at night. The second reason is that I prefer to leave some time between updates as they might be missed by casual viewers. 

The first week of Lockdown we were left alone and I prepped quite a few things so I don't have to do that work at night and will just paint. I have taken a few photos of items waiting their turn.

Artizan PAK40 and extra crewmen

Crusader Tank Busters

Smith Gun, 37mm AA Gun and Armadillo for Dads Army

US 76mm Guns and CoC Jump off points

US Gun Crews

Sci-Fi Cars and bike

Black Tree Design German Radio crew
French Flag Bearer conversion
French Cuirissiers
The Sci-Fi cars have been put aside as I am having trouble finding the Police light racks I put aside somewhere. I also need to convert another of the bikes so I can finish that batch.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Never Mind the Bollocks here are some Ancient British Fanatics

First of all I'd like to say that I am trying a different location to take my photos. The issue I have now is that I have to rest my camera on some pillows and did not notice some of the photos are a bit out of focus. The reason I am doing this is I had a look through my Robin Hood photos and noticed how clear and colourful they are. Those photos were taken in my old games-room using an older camera and using a different application to load them on. I may try and see if my old camera will work and take some test photos at some stage.

These figures are from Black Tree Design. I really like them as they are nice and chunky and full of character. I bought way too many of them to use in DBMM so I am thinking of using the left overs for SPQR which means they will be individually based. These will be based in threes once I can order some MDF bases.

I really did not want to paint the Tattoos as the last time I tried I used an Artists pen which wasn't totally successful and had faded over the last five or six years since I painted them. However if any unit needed Tattoos it would be this one so I looked online for inspiration. What I found was a mixture of really expertly painted illustrations and rather rough looking re-enactors. I thought that the Tattoos would most likely done in a hurry by people who were not artists helping a mate out to prepare for Battle. I started off trying to copy a few illustrations and then just started to doodle. One of the Fanatics has a meat and two veg tattooed under his arms, I wonder if anyone will notice? 

The Shields were hand painted as the ones I got with my Victrix Chariots are a different size and I cannot order any under the circumstances we find ourselves in.