Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Railway People

This is not my idea as I first saw this done on Lead Adventure on a Judge Dredd thread. In Reality's Edge there is mention of using crowds of Bystanders to block line of sight and hinder movement. I have only done half the figures I have collected for this as I was impatient to get them on the table to see how effective they are. I also kept forgetting to take some photos and should have posted them a lot earlier on the Blog. These are 1/48th scale railway figures bought from Ebay. The Frosting caused by Super Glue is not really visible when the figures are on the table.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Ancient British Celt Javelin Skirmishers

Since I had a half box of Warlord Celts and have not painted anything for this Army for about 6 years , I thought I'd practise painting some. These do not match my other figures in size or sculpting style so they may be just temporary place holders. The figures are meant to be adolescents so unless I can find something that fits the description these will have to do.

My photography skills suck today as I used the wrong settings but hopefully these will do for now.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Renegade WW1 French reinforcements

Well I have actually managed to finish something. I had only been able to spend an hour on painting on Sunday afternoons for a couple of weeks, and then I seemed to regain my energy and have managed to paint four nights a week for the last couple of weeks.  I have also managed to find the enthusiasm to buy some Vitrix Celt Chariots and Gaul Cavalry and also all the DBMM books. I still need to buy some MDF bases. I have also managed to sit in on another two DBMM games taking a command.

The French.

I bought these figures from Ebay and thought from the photos that there was a chance that I could use them as they were. Unfortunately the paint jobs turned out to be a bit rough and some of the bases fell off so I had no choice but to strip them and start again. This turned out to be a good thing as they are now almost indistinguishable from my other figures. You might remember that I was worried about the Great Figures being a bit small? This batch of figures looked like they were sculpted by three different people and the sizes are a bit mixed. I thought that I might as well paint up some Great War HMG gunners at the same time. These turned out to be a great mix and once added to the bases look like they are interacting with the original figures. The left over figure will donate his head to a Flag Bearer conversion that I am planning.

When I took the photos the sun was streaming onto my paint desk so they look a bit washed out. I have tried to change the colour on a couple of the photos so they are not really the light Blue they appear. I will have to put these aside for now as I have other things that are more urgent to paint (Celts).

Saturday, 1 February 2020


I won't have anything to Blog about for a while as I am getting over Shingles. I am in the third week of dealing with the pain and rashes and am finding it very demotivating.

I have managed to complete one batch of my Bystanders for "Reality's Edge" before the rashes started and then spent an hour cleaning up the next batch of figures, but thats all I have done in several weeks. The Bystanders are 1/50th scale Railway figures which will be mass based to act as line of sight blockers. I keep getting ideas for painting etc but have no motivation to actually do anything about it. I also need to buy a few things for my DBMM Celts but again, can't be bothered. I have had to cancel twice where I was going to sit on in DBMM games so I am feeling a bit frustrated at this stage.

In case you have not heard of the issue before I started to find my lower right chest sensitive to the touch. This made showering quite difficult as I have to have the temperature quite low. The tenderness then turned into real pain and an outbreak of rashes going around my chest and continuing around my back, all on the right hand side. From what I have read it could take weeks, months or even years to come right depending on the person. Some days I have no problems working but on others I am very slow. Yesterday I laid on the couch all day and watched the Witcher, but I did have a bit of a cold as well. Today I have spent about an hour mowing the lawns and having a tidy up outdoors with no problem. Now I am sitting down writing this I am getting a few pangs of pain, but maybe thats more to do with watching Scotland play Ireland. I have 25% blood ties to each country haha.When I visited the Doctor she said that there is a vaccine available for free for the over Sixties but as I have just turned 59 I missed out. It might pay to get it done anyway and I might still need to get it done myself as you can get Shingles more than once. I would have thought that having the virus would be enough, but it turns out not to be the case.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Empress Miniatures Colonel Durnford and Boers

I had intended doing just a paint and wash job on these Boer figures but was enjoying them so much I went over them again with some proper highlighting. I treated Durnford with the same care that I would normally treat a Command figure. Two of the Boars came with the NNC plastic box and were previously painted and based. As I could not find enough matching heads I had to reuse and rebase these and then used the left overs as NNC Command figures. These are not however dressed as they should be. I will use the Boers as part of Durnfords Command until I get the correct figures.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Great War French

I bought a pack of Great War French Infantry to see how they compared to the Renegade figures I have already painted. My initial conclusion was that they are really too different to fit in the same units. Its not just that they are quite slim but also they are a very different style. I attempted to try and hide the slimness by adding Greenstuff to the Kepis and Greatcoat tails. I also added backpacks to most of them which came from some Artisan packets. However the thinness of the guns compared to the Renegade figures are really evident. After basing the figures I thought that the kneeling figures are very difficult to spot the difference so I bought a set of the HMG so I can add a couple of figures to the bases I have already painted up. These have been undercoated with the eight second hand Renegade figures I have stripped and are ready to paint.

The figure below on the right hand side is a Renegade figure.

Last weekend I went to ValleyCon which is a yearly event put on by the Hutt Wargames Club. It is a decent sized affair and was as far as I can tell consisted of Competition Games and no Demo games so I did not take any photos. I did however talk to a Club-mate about taking up DBM. To my surprise he invited me to take command of one of his Generals of a Spanish Army. It was a really good game and I learnt quite a lot but I was blamed for losing the game. Haha it was all in jest as the other player had the right plan in his mind before we even set up. I have a pile of Black Trees Design Romans, Wargames Factory Vikings and a few already painted Renegade and Black Tree Celts which were bought with DBM in mind. So as soon as I can I will be painting up some Celts and have already based some of the ones I have painted earlier just to get a feel for the game.

Monday, 13 January 2020

TT Combat Comms Tower

I saw this on sale recently and thought that the style would fit with my scenery. I worked out by the dimensions that it should work out ok with the walkways and would fill an area I talked about on an earlier post. 

I thought that it looked a bit plain and was not too impressed by the unsightly joints so added a bit of spare MDF to improve it. I also found that each floor seemed to be progressively out of level by about 4mm at each floor. The top floor was ok but the others needed correcting. One floor I left as is but the lower two had the locating tabs removed at the front and glued without them. I did not like the dishes either so fortunately my partner had been giving me some disks from Gherkin Jars which looked much better. When I get a fourth one I will fit that as well. The centres were made out of floss sticks but I have bent one twice before even doing any gaming with them so may trim them down.

This is quite tall so was difficult to photograph.

I also added a couple of pieces of MDF so I could fit a walkway to them. This was made from some EDS (?) scenery which was supplied with the wrong mix of parts so I did not mind cutting them up for this.

There were five signs so I used them on other parts of my terrain.

I had also undercoated the Water Pistols but when I looked at them later I saw that I had not filled the screw holes, and thought that I had been lazy not doing more than adding the cooling fans at the top. So then added some pipes on two of them. The other two I think are ok after filling the screw holes with wooden dowel.

I found the Grey Board supplied was missing some of the signs which I have painted in West Ham colours. I cut and fitted some plain card to mimic them. The etched detail did not come out at all so I may find something to print and glue over them. The figure I have used is going to be repainted as Deckard (Harrison Ford). He may need a new gun though.