Friday 3 February 2023

Movie Panzers, a fun project.

 While watching Rouge Heroes the German M48 got me thinking of the Plastic Toy M60's I have stashed away. Not having any M47's like that used in the Battle of the Bulge Movie I thought I would try and imagine if that was reshot using later model Tanks. Since I had some left over Tamiya Panzer IV parts I decided to go that route. Plastic side shield's, left over bits and correct-ish paint job and decals and I'm quite happy. Not sure if they will ever be used but they could fill an empty corner in my big train station/factory building.

Wargames Foundry German Paratroopers.

I wanted to increase the size of my German Paras as I only had two squads and not really enough for a game. Reading through various rule sets there seems to be different organisations for the squads. These are Early War Germans for operation Sea Lion. So not historical. I have painted enough figures for either one or two LMG's per squad. I may repaint the extras as Tropical versions if I can confirm the correct organisation. While I was painting these extras I updated a few of the older figures to see if it was manageable to repaint them all some time later. I tried something different with these. I added some drill to the black leather to give it a worn look. I have also undercoated some Warlord Games Mid/Late War figures which have been slightly modified for Early War.

Warlord Games recoilless Gun.


A few more Celts.

A few bases of Warlord Games Celts and Victrix Chariots. 

I must confess that I am getting frustrated with this Army due to the size and complexity of the Chariots and paint jobs. I will be at about 400 points when the next batch is finished that are going through the basing process at the moment. These Warlord figures have Victrix shields and transfers.

I have bought another pack of six Chariots to do after these. Cant wait I'm so excited. Haha.

I also added a victim to this base. I learnt that this base has different stats to the other baggage bases, so wanted it to stand out. It is also longer than the others.


 Terraintober was being talked about on Twitter so I joined in and tried to finish another building which had been done in a rush to use it in a Demo game but was never entirely finished.

This factory/station was constructed from cork tiles and has stood the test of time quite well, I decided an update was deserved. I have not finished it yet as my other half was concerned that so many models were now in the living areas of the house, but have planned to get back to it when the Dust buildings are done.

I first covered the sides in a textured wall paper and then covered that with brick paper. The texture is not as good looking as the ready made walls I've seen others use. I would get that if starting this from scratch again. I have painted some windows for the small upper windows but am still working out how to do the large windows.

Dust Tactics Buildings an update

 First off I was following a discussion on Twitter about the death of Blogs and more importantly Forums. Which reminded me that I need to update this Blog. There are some things I need to remember about painting some things which are difficult to find on Twitter. Most of these new posts I'm afraid will be mainly picture dumps as I wont remember everything.

These buildings have sat in my games room gathering dust so I moved them into my lounge and spend a half hour on them after I've finished my other painting.

I am currently painting the rear walls which were made out of plastic strips and card.

I am making the floors in a Monopoly style layout.

Wednesday 20 July 2022


These just done. I have been put off doing my Valhallans due to recent events but thought I'd do these as a change of pace. I found that using poster paint to secure the snow gives off a much better whiter fluffy look than PVA.

Friday 15 July 2022

ECW repaint

My local DBMM group decided to get into 17th Century gaming. 

I started painting some Essex figures I bought as Army sets in the late 1980's. To these I then added Foundry Commands to add bulk and interest. I'm afraid it was then that I got interested in other projects and they have lain untouched for decades. The figures are well painted as my eyesight was great back then but are in enamels and have no highlighting or washes applied.

I pulled off the terrible looking bases and put a wash of Army Painter strong tone diluted with matt medium. I then went over and touched up the paint on the clothing and metallic's.  I'm rather pleased with the results but then discovered that the units are too small for Pike and Shot. I am again afraid that these will have to be shelved till I have finished my Ancient British.

I have to confess that despite my earlier moan about Blogging, I do enjoy writing about my interests and posting photos.