Saturday, 10 July 2021

The Tanks of Fury. Part 1.

I really should be painting Celts.

I have another batch ready to undercoat but wanted to do something different. I decided that since I have just finished a Panther and a Tiger that I should add an American 76mm to my collection. Looking through my stock I discovered that I could do three of the Tanks from the Movie Fury. 

Fury, an M4A3E8 from Tamiya. I think they actually used a Post War A2 in the Movie.

Lucy Sue, M4A3 75mm from Tamiya.

Old Phyliss, M4A1 76mm from Hobby Boss.

I'd also like to do Matador an M4 105mm HVSS which would have to be converted from a M4A3E8.

And also Murder Inc, an M4A3 75.

I have been painting Fury today with my Airbrush, but remembered halfway through that I should have left Black camouflage instead of coating it totally in Olive Drab. I guess I can go back and repaint the bands with a mix of Black and Olive Drab next session. The Black is really subtle so I wouldn't want it too dark. In some spare time I have also managed to assemble most of Lucy Sue. The most time spent on Fury was assembling the stowage. I had intended to get it as close as possible to the photos I found, so spent ages scratch building as much as I could. It's not exact but will give a close resemblance to the real thing.

I might be able to recreate some of the scenes from Fury using What a Tanker at some stage.

I had to laugh today as it is the first time that I have spray painted an M1 Helmet in 1/48th scale.