Saturday, 18 August 2018

Red Vectors Walls

I mentioned these in an earlier post and now have them on the table.
I think I should have a disclaimer on this Blog that says "I make the mistakes so others don't have to".

Well my plan to use some card covers to add texture was only partly successful! The paint I intend to use on my Berlin buildings turned out to be not very good. It is supposed to be a primer and paint in one can. However I found that the paint would cover the MDF but it would not cover the card at all well. I ended up with blobs of paint in patches on the card. (The card probably has a protective coating on it as it was intended to be used as binding covers). 

So one side of the wall had this blobby coating and the other was clean.  I then covered everything in some Matt Black primer and then doubting the coverage of the top coat I then coated the walls in Brown spray and then over sprayed with the top colour. By this stage the texture was pretty much lost but there is nothing I can do about that. The walls got a wet brush of Vallejo Pale Sand which is close to the 4Ground colour of the House. I also used the same colours on the trim on the wall topping, German Cam Orange Ochre and Green Grey highlighted with Light Grey for the pillar etc. I used my ground technique which I use for my Zulus on this and also picked out the brick work using the same paint mix I used for the roof. The walls turned out quite well and look close in colour to the house once they are put together on the table.

Wall with some scrap from the house kit.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Battle for Berlin - Command figures.

This is the first batch of figures for The Battle for Berlin. The figures are a mix of different ranges; Warlord, Great Escape Games, Old Glory and Wargames Foundry. Other batches will have a different mix of ranges which I will mention at the time of posting. The next batch will also have more HQ figures and Tank Hunters.

I took so many photos as I was too heavy handed with the Dull Coat and the figures look very glossy. This made taking decent photos very difficult. I will probably go back with some matt varnish later if the gloss does not flatten with time. The Officer looks like I had painted him with a house brush and used one colour. In reality the Hat and Tunic have a wash and highlights which you can't really see.

From left to right. Sniper (Krummlauf Assault Rifle). NSDAP Official, 2 Tank Hunters and Medic. Hmg team (Old Glory) with extra crew from Foundry (which are showing their age a bit). I added the extra figures as some rule sets like Chain of Command are more accurate in the levels of crew required. The two Old Glory figures had their equipment removed and replaced with some plastic Warlord bits. One also has a new Warlord Head. I may add an extra figure to the Sniper if I can find one that looks suitable.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Last of the 24th Infantry

I say the last but I still have odds and ends like casualty markers and some rear area types to be painted. I may at some stage add more Rifle Companies as I have a box of Perry figures which will be painted as Rifles, but have no more Black Tree Infantry figures to paint.

I was supposed to be putting on a Demo game at Call to Arms this weekend, but with the project still only about 80% done and my friends unable to attend the whole weekend. I felt it better to cancel this time around. I also felt that if I did go ahead with the Demo I'd be disappointed with it and would not do another one and would put on something else next time.

I went to the event on Saturday and found it very well attended with quite a few Demo games going on. I only bought one item which is a 28mm MDF Church made by a local company called Battle Kiwi. I intend it to be painted for my Dads Army project which of course will work for other European settings. I spent two hours at the event catching up with a few people and looking around the tables but did not take any photos. When looking through the retailers items I had a chat with an old acquaintance. I said "Normally I see possibilities, now I only see things that I need to hide in the back room". I wonder if thats an omen?