Sunday, 29 November 2020

Warlord Games Ancient British Slingers

 I picked up one packet of these up locally and one from Warlord direct. The packet from Warlord came with some kind of Ancient Greek looking archer instead of a slinger! I have substituted a spare Renegade Archer from a Chariot to take the missing Slingers place.  I also found out that I had been looking at an out of date army list that I found on the internet instead of my own copy which has been in my car for months. I found that I just needed one more stand of Javelin throwers to max out the Army list. I made up two Warlord figures but used left over Victrix heads. I was surprised how well they fitted. Since taking the photos I have matted and based the figures, but not done the terrain. I had difficulty taking photos with the usual black background so used a cardboard box instead. So excuse the rather odd look.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Great War Miniatures French 75mm Field Gun

 The latest piece to come off the painting desk. I'm quite pleased with this but will make a few observations. The first being that I was not sure of the exact shade that the gun should be, so just went with some coloured plates that I found on the net. I feel that the shade should be lighter and more grey. Some plates showed the crew with double striped trousers and others showed single. I opted for single as it was easier to do. The gun is very nice as are the figures. The only issue is that the figures mounted on the gun base are very small with bobble heads. The other two on single bases are a decent size. Once placed on the table top I doubt that this is very noticeable but it bothered me when painting them.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Great War Miniatures French Cavalry

These are the Cuirassiers with the Command and Trooper packs. For the painting I followed some plates I found on the internet as well as Mark Hargreaves "Over Open Sights" painted examples but changed a couple of colours to suit my taste.

I thought at first that the horses look really small but later changed my mind. I have some Renegade German Cavalry to paint at some stage which have larger horses so it should be interesting to see a comparison. I didn't plan the basing very well and just grabbed some that I bought for DBMM. These being 60x30mm.

I used my phone Camera again but now see that I cant see the subtle differences that using a wash and then a highlight brings out, so may go back to using my Camera again. The faces and Helmets in particular look much better in reality.