Saturday, 31 May 2014


Today I went to the Wellington Armageddon show.
It is the first time I have been to one of these shows and was pleasantly surprised. 
We left before the main stage show but did see a few costumes around.

You were able to participate in some displays like this "Bash the Knight".
I think the young lady was being instructed not to bash the Helmet, Oo er missus!!

We were allowed to play around with some of the Airsoft Weapons which were really hard to tell from the real thing. I picked up an M60 expecting to be a Pig but it weighed very little. Some of the other weapons like the Bullpup and AR15's felt right weigh wise.
I was also really taken by the comfort in which the Bullpup was held as it felt so comfortable.
I have owned a BRNO 223 similar to the photo below. I used it for target shooting and once went hunting with but only managed to shoot a tree. The brother in law was standing between me and the only goat we saw that day! I would not say I am experienced with weapons but the Bullpup just felt right cuddled in the crook of my arm.

A nice looking Landy which had me thinking about scale issues of 1/48th verses 1/56th scale.

I think I would like to go again but take a break midday and go to a Bar, and then come back at 4pm for the stage show for the costumes.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Houses for Sale

I thought I'd advertise a few items on my Blog and see what happens.
I am in New Zealand so its likely only locals would be interested in my items as the postage would be high on some of the resin bits. I will give this a try and then either take them to a local Con or put them on Trademe (similar to Ebay).

First up some really old Battlefront Buildings plus a couple of others.

A mate who plays and organises FOW comps suggested a price of NZ$30 each. I thought that was too low as some of these are quite hefty and I feel have more character than items now available.
About half are Russian buildings and the rest are for Europe.

Plastic Railway building

Scratch built.

Not quite finished
Not quite finished 

Egyptian Pulp items finished.

I have just finished a few items for my Pulp collection.

A couple of Gong farmers and a man on a bed of nails from Eureka.

Three Ladies from the Egyptian Harem Kickstarter and one from Reaper. (You can see the difference in size which is why I did not buy anything else from the Kickstarter).

A driver and passenger from RAFM which must be really old Bob Murch sculpts. The driver is quite poor and needed bulking out with Greenstuff and a new head. The other figure is really nice and up to his current standards. These are to go into a Truck similar to the one in the Indiana Jones Movie.

I also made a couple of additions to fit into my underground temple out of Hirst Arts molds. I am sure I used the same paints and wash that I had used on my earlier build, but the colour has come out different! It may need another coat of the wash?

Monday, 12 May 2014

Pulp Alley - Test game.

Last weekend we had a chance to play around with the Pulp Alley Rules.
We are planning on putting on a Demo game at the Wellington Warlords, Call to Arms Wargaming Convention. I took a few photos of some terrain I had thrown together for the occasion.
I like the rules which flow well, but of course we had a few questions which we seem to have sorted out by reading in more depth and by also looking at the Forum.

The table as first set out. I added some more greenery and reset the pier after Googling images of the Nile.

I also took a couple of photos of some WIP's. The plaster bits are Dioramas to fit inside the Cavern. The boat is a long delayed build which I started the same time as the Armed Trawler.

Monday, 5 May 2014

African ImagiNation, another batch done.

I have finished off the Half Tracks which I had previously posted WIP's of. There is also a Follow me Jeep which looks a bit odd on a grey base which will match the runway. I did not see the point of putting it on a matching base to the others and expect the other airfield vehicles will be similarly based. I also made searchlight entirely made of bits from the spares box.

As there has been a lack of decent sun lately I have used my desk to take the photos on.

 These will be the last for awhile as need to get some other things done for a Demo game that I am planning with a couple of friends. These take so long to assemble and correct that I am falling behind with all my other projects.

These are the finished units so far. An Indian UN AA and AT section plus a Belgium Tank section with a Heavy Artillery gun. The bull dozer and M48 are to be repainted or modified later.