Monday, 27 March 2017

Mbube and uVe Unmarried Regiments

I have just finished two units of Skirmishers and have painted them as the Mbube and uVe Regiments. These are the last of my plastic figures that I had in stock. Well there is actually one left over who may come in handy for something later on. I have based them three to a base to space them out. These two units were a bit smaller than the others that I have seen listed so I thought I'd made them skirmishers. I may make up a duplicate set of these up later to strengthen them but will try and play test first to see if they work as is.
Next on the painting desk are some Black Tree unmarried skirmishers with firearms.

I'm still having issues with my camera so these are not the greatest of photos.

I had also run out of Agrax Earthshade and used Devlan Mud instead, you can see the difference in the definition on the figures backs. Lesson learnt.

Edit, while looking at my hand written notes I see that the uVe regiment had somewhere between 2000 to 3500 members. So before I get a flood of complaints (if anyones reading this). I thought I'd better point out my own mistake. I may have to change some shields to get a better representation of some of the regiments or build a complete uVe regiment just like the others. I have not found out if the skirmishers and riflemen mentioned in some reports were taken from regiments when needed, or if they were specially raised units for this purpose. The reason I looked at my notes closely is that I am trying to decide what shield design I should use on my riflemen which are just about painted.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Weathered trucks and finished crews.

I have weathered the trucks but have not put any markings on them yet. I have just bought a new printer and am trying to make some slogans to go on the trucks but have not found any decal sheet stock locally.

My camera decided to go on the blink and from reading on the net seems to suggest that a ribbon cable has become faulty. A $2 Dollar part requiring major surgery to repair. As I am an electronics tech I will try and repair it myself at some stage. The problem is that I cannot use all the zoom function and some of the photos were a bit out of focus. The other issue I am having is all the photos below have been edited, and are showing as being edited in iPhoto but my iMac is loading some unedited photos to my Blog.

I also finished the dismounted crew. The MP's have heads supplied by Warlord and the figures with M14's are going to be used as dismounted Drivers. The two seated figures were meant to be riding shotgun in the Gun Trucks but I decided that is was pointless fitting them as you can hardly see the drivers.

I also weathered the Mutt but then forgot to seal it. I am in the process of doing this in between writing this.