Friday, 27 March 2015

28mm Helicopter stands.

I have been scratching my head about how to mount my Metal Helicopters safely for several years. I have heard of people using plastic wine glasses. I have not seen anything like what I thought they should look like until I saw some cheap party glasses. The glasses have separate bases which I left off and fitted a cut down rivet into the top which fits nicely into the screw hole of the Cobra I am using. I will drill similar sized holes in the other metal and plastic Helos I have.

Of course these will do for landing Helos so I will need something a bit taller for higher flying aircraft as these are no higher than my trees. Somewhere in my spare room are some TV aerials which I want to try and fit to a glass.

Weird War Vietnam Hot Rod Truck.

I have finished my M35 Truck. I could have spent more time on it but decided that larger scaled models do not interest me as much as it used to. I painted it and the figures using Wargaming methods and did not use an airbrush for a change. I intend fitting a Stars and Stripes decal to the Woman's helmet when I can locate it in my spare room. She was painted like this photo of Raquel Welch but unfortunately does not look like her at all.

The Truck got an engine and pipes from a Hot Wheels set, a chop job on the roof and the chassis was shortened. I quite like the finished model but doubt I will do anything similar for awhile.

Games room shelving and worktops.

I've made some progress with the interior of my room.

I built some worktops for putting figures and books on which should keep the tabletop free of clutter. These are mounted on some old shelves which are spaced away from the wall to give me some storage space behind. These tops were cut from a sheet of leftover flooring which I fitted a strip around and then stained. I also mounted some old display cabinets which I also stained while I was doing the worktops.

Today I spent some time putting together some desks which will be used as workbenches and also table extensions. One of them was made to be level with the table while the other was made 50mm lower to enable me to use my Dads Army Seafront and pier. I intend to add a bit more width to these with extensions to match the table width. They are not very tidy at the moment.

The black metal shelving is to house my Militaria collection.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Games room table installed.

On Saturday I finished installing the carpet tiles. It was an easy job even though matching the patterns of each of the six boxes took a bit of effort.

 As the weather was too foul to paint yesterday I instead moved the table and a couple of display cabinets into the room.  I have changed my mind of how to arrange the room as I found that I have over 1.3 meters either side of the table and 600 to the nearest window. I need to make a couple of bench tops next so I have somewhere to temporarily put the TV on, which will also give me some storage room behind and will leave about 700mm to the table once installed. Today was really nice and sunny so I finished some wall painting outside and undercoated the inner part of the roof over the walkway.

I am really loving that green paint and may use it on my table top at some point.