Sunday, 31 March 2013

German Walker

A German Amphibious Walker I converted.

"We have you surrounded, will you surrender?"

Here we go again

Here we find Alfie on an Eastern Adventure with the curator of the Museum and Terry his assistant.

Pulling up at the gateway to the Temple they dismount to investigate a way into the complex.

Doorway to the right?

Doorway to the left?

Or straight through?

Meanwhile inside the complex "it sounds like interfering strangers approaching, I hope they dont start anything"

Statue of the Emperor.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

A night at the Museum

Alfie has an appointment at the Museum,
but no-one appears to be home!
A car is here but no-one answers.
Interesting Artifacts.
Hello, any-one home?
Pesky intruder, I will teach him a lesson!
 Meet Jade, my Mummy!

Midnight snack perhaps, Gentlemen?
Sorry Guv'nor. I forgot you'd been invited to visit!
Come upstairs and meet the Dragon, I mean the wife!!!

Pulp style Museum

I built this Museum for playing Pulp games about six years ago. Unfortunately it has only been used as a Town Hall for a Demo WW2 game.  I could say fortunately it has been used but its really too big and a pain to have to keep removing the top floor to get to the ground floor. 
I keep thinking I could try and sell it as a Dolls House but never get around to listing it.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rocket Troops and Cultists

I dug out some more of my Pulp figures to photograph them. I discovered some of them have a fine fuzz or mould over them which seems to come off with a careful dusting.  You can just see it on the Rocket troops below which are stored in metal tool cases just like everything I have finished painting. I hope it is nothing too serious.

The reason I wanted to photograph the Rocket troops was that Will and I had a game using my Old West town Hoople as a Ghost town. Hoople was being used as a secret testing base and was under attack by Wills Zeppelin Troopers. I dont have his troops so am using my Cultists and undead Cowboys as opposition for the photos.
I have another ten flying and ten foot figures to paint when I find time.

Hoople was built at the time when Dead Wood was showing so I left the wood unpainted like in the show. 
I dont think I would paint them the same way if I was to do another Old West Town and would like to do a brown wash over them to improve the look. Believe it or not I was told off for leaving them with that finish as they would rot in real life by an older gamer?

The Cult figures are from Artizan with a converted Monk from Shadowforge. 
I'd like to get some more from Pulp Figures at some stage.

The undead Zombies are from Foundry and are the best Zombies I have painted compared to my modern ones.
A couple are converted from Boer War figures with new heads.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mummy - Pyramid layout explained

I was asked on Lead Adventures if I could give some more details on the layout of my Pyramid. I hope the following explains how the Pyramid works. I sort of made it up as I went along and happily everything seems to function properly for my games.
Percy will be our guide as the danger has passed for the moment. We hope.
Main entrance via ramps
Top down view of ramps
Once the top of the Pyramid has been removed we can see an doorway concealed on the left of the small entrance cavity. Opening this door will release rock balls which will run down the small corridor crushing anyone in the way. The ball will then fall into a small hole which leads down to the lower levels.

Once into the corridor a concealed entrance can be seen in the middle of the dividing wall. (This is opened by removing a small nail and falls by gravity) making anyone standing on that part of the floor fall to the level below which just happens to contain a trench full of Tomb Scorpions or snakes depending on what I have on hand.

View from below which I did not see the need to paint (unfortunately).

Once the Pyramid is removed we can see the Cavern below. I've fudged the ground level as I have not yet worked out a way of cutting out a space in a tabletop.

Now we move outside again to the other entrance concealed within a smaller Pyramid.

We can remove the top of this Pyramid to see the doorway.

This doorway leads by way of tunnels to this doorway in the Cavern below the main ramps, which would be the way the Mummy's followers would use.

Outside again we find a small Needle Monument which has a concealed entranceway used by Tomb robbers.
This leads by way of Tunnels to two holes which have been dug into the cavern wall.

Lefthand back corner 
Righthand back corner
I hope this has been useful for anyone else intending to make something similar. 
I'd love to use this for a Demo game at a convention but since Will moved away I have not found anyone really interested in playing Pulp style games locally.