Saturday, 21 July 2018

4Ground Detached House 2

At work I received a small reward as a customer said something nice about me. So not having anything else that I needed at the time I thought I'd buy a 4Ground building for WW2. I have some of the Dark Ages buildings and have mixed feelings about them. Mainly making them look realistic so I don't think they are just painted blocks of MDF.

I was quite surprised at how many pieces were in the box but did not like the finish of the roof. My solution was to cut the corners off a heavy paper bag and glue them to cover the joins. I have used folded card board on my Old West buildings, but found that once the glue was applied the card tends to straighten out again which means you need to keep applying pressure to hold them down.  I also had the matching Vallejo paints that match the house so it was an easy job to touch up the burnt edges. I did not have any suitable colour to match the tiling but discovered on Youtube from a Railway Modeller that Green and Red makes the perfect colour. Just use a bit of white to lighten if needed.
 I am quite happy with how this turned out.

The house fits in with my small collection of WW2 terrain. I have had a game set up since Christmas where I use the Cards from TWAT as unit activation and the rules and Dice from Bolt Action. I am not sure what to call the mashup. TWAT Action is the best I can come up with , LOL. I have since bought Chain of Command which I will try once I get bored of this game. Unless I just go back to using TWAT of course.

Over the Christmas break I made up this Sarissa Precision Radar station but did not Blog about it. I added a ladder on the rear, metal plate on the roof, reduced the size of the door and also found some mesh for the dish itself.

WAT arrived on Friday so if I am asked to run a multi player game I will put this on.

These walls came from Mini Bits/Pendragon from were I am buying my MDF bases. They are made by Red Vectors but are a bit basic. They are a good height to block sight for a man on foot or a Tank Driver. I added some textured card to make up for the lack of detail and to add some much needed width. The small balls on the pillars come from my Air Pistol and I also added some detail to the top of the walls. I do not like the gates supplied with the set so will make something up when I get inspired.  I will try and match these to the 4Ground House.