Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rocket Troops and Cultists

I dug out some more of my Pulp figures to photograph them. I discovered some of them have a fine fuzz or mould over them which seems to come off with a careful dusting.  You can just see it on the Rocket troops below which are stored in metal tool cases just like everything I have finished painting. I hope it is nothing too serious.

The reason I wanted to photograph the Rocket troops was that Will and I had a game using my Old West town Hoople as a Ghost town. Hoople was being used as a secret testing base and was under attack by Wills Zeppelin Troopers. I dont have his troops so am using my Cultists and undead Cowboys as opposition for the photos.
I have another ten flying and ten foot figures to paint when I find time.

Hoople was built at the time when Dead Wood was showing so I left the wood unpainted like in the show. 
I dont think I would paint them the same way if I was to do another Old West Town and would like to do a brown wash over them to improve the look. Believe it or not I was told off for leaving them with that finish as they would rot in real life by an older gamer?

The Cult figures are from Artizan with a converted Monk from Shadowforge. 
I'd like to get some more from Pulp Figures at some stage.

The undead Zombies are from Foundry and are the best Zombies I have painted compared to my modern ones.
A couple are converted from Boer War figures with new heads.

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