Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Robin Hood project, from the beginning.

I thought I'd start posting about a project that has been going for over a year with no end in sight just yet. 
I planned to get this ready to play a Demo game at our local Call to Arms gaming event, but not sure what year? 
However, I keep getting sidetracked by other projects and design problems with the terrain and figure suitability.

I started a thread on Lead Adventures Robin Hood but have had problems posting regular updates with all the different changes I had been making.

The main problem I have run into is getting the correct looking figures for the Sherifs men. I first used Conquests mounted Normans and Crusaders foot figures. After watching a few Movies and series I decided that I did not like the look of the Kite shields and they just looked like Normans to me. I have since repainted the shields so I can use the figures as my Saga army. This is how they looked before and I will post a photo of them later on with the repainted shields. I can still use the CrossBow armed figures for Robin Hood as they lack shields.

I have been building a Castle which has been interesting to say the least. It started off as a Mini Art 1/72nd scale model to which I added green foam to add extra height and bulk. I dont want to post WIP pictures as I'd rather post finished pictures on the Blog. I will continue to post them on Lead Adventures as they seem to be popular there start of Castle build.

To replace the Sherifs figures I have been painting some BlackTree and GW figures. It took quite awhile to get enough GW figures to make a start on painting. I wish I kept quiet about this as the demand seemed to rise once it was suggested on Lead A. However I have plenty now to get on with. I also just received some Medieval figures from Crusader which match my other figures quite well.

As of right now I am converting some Wagons to use as something to Ambush in a scenario I have in mind.

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