Sunday, 21 April 2013

Normans for Saga

These figures were originally intended for The Sherifs Men but I decided that they would be better used for a Saga Norman Unit. I repainted the shields copying images which I found while Googling.
The mounted figures are from Conquest which now look a little bit low in the saddle compared to other Norman figures I have. The foot figures are from Crusader. I added the plastic Wargames factory archers later. I intend to buy some better metal figures to replace them as I am not that happy with them.

I still need to mount my Leader figures on proper base's and have to do some design work on the flags.
 One of the flagmen is an old GW Bretonian figure with a Crusader head.

My favorite shield design based on Captain America.


  1. Very nice miniatures, I especially like the two handed axe-men.