Sunday, 7 April 2013

Robin Hood some progress made.

Since I have bought a new camera and started this Blog I thought I'd retake photos of everything done so far.
 The exceptions are. The Sherif both versions and Guy are going to get another colour change so I will rephotograph them later.

Robin and the Merry Men.

Some Villagers.
 King Richard.
Sherifs Men.

Mounted Men at Arms/Sargent's? Perry Horses, Blacktree figures homemade shields.

I know this is a bit too early to appear, but it is Robin Hood after-all.
Foundry Fantasy Catapult which was a real swine to get it to this stage.

I added some photos of the WIP's of the Castle on Lead Adventures posted here.New photos at bottom of page.


  1. 'some progress'? Thanks a whole lot of progress, sir!

    1. Thanks but I still dont feel I have enough for a game.