Saturday, 27 April 2013

Viet Cong

I have a Vietnam project in 28mm which was going to be my next big thing. However I got interested in Robin Hood and since have been doing bits as a side project.This will now have to wait as I need to get rather a lot done if I am going to put a Robin Hood Demo game on. Hopefully I can return to Vietnam late August.

 I have completed over a Platoon of US figures plus a few extra bits. This is the first platoon of VC that I have painted. My US figures were painted when I first experienced trouble with my eyesight and was too vain to get glasses. I wish it was that simple as it took awhile as I had to learn to paint first using progressives, and then discovered cheap reading glasses from the Super Market. These work really well and have since been able to return to detailed painting. The VC were done to the same level as the US figures which is just a wash technique.

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