Saturday, 20 July 2013

More terrain for Robin Hood game.

I am managing to get some terrain finished which is good news as the Convention is two weeks away.
I've had to reduce the paint queue down to items that I really need to get done and leave some others till later. I expect this wont be the only time I put this game on so am not really worried about it. I have also put the final coats of paint on the Castle and base so will be getting on with putting on the grass this week. Hopefully I can playtest the setup next weekend.

The Wicker fences are from Total Battle Miniatures and Hovels with a few extra posts from BBQ sticks.

The Church is from Gripping Beast, I had intended to build my own but this looks pretty good.

Wow just had the biggest earth movement I think I've ever felt at home while writing this. Apart from a couple of cupboard doors opening, a photo frame and my Napoleonic Tic Tac Toe figures falling over no damage. Its the second big one today.

I decided to add a thunder box to the wall. I wonder what they would have called it back then?


  1. Great stuff.
    The Batman and Jesus comment at TMP made me laugh :-D