Saturday, 26 October 2013

Black Dragon Tong WIP

I have been working on these figures for a couple of weeks now. I was a bit lost as this is a new subject for me so followed the photos on the packaging. I also find all the different colours and details harder to paint than the normal drab colours I use. I thought I'd take some WIP's before I added some more details just incase I mucked things up. I have since added some of the Gold trim which is looking good so will wait till I have finished them before taking more photos.

The pictures look a bit dull as they are not varnished yet, (I'm guessing?)

I am really pleased with the Yeti as it was a leap of faith that this paint scheme would work.


  1. Great painting! The Yeti is my favourite so far.

  2. Thanks, I'm pleased with it as well.