Saturday, 5 October 2013

IHMN Mexican Company

I recently bought the Black Dragon Tong but as I knew that I was about to go on Holiday, I did not want to leave them half done and then have to remember what I was doing when I got back. I decided to paint something that would be quicker to put on the table instead. These figures were completed during the week but it looks like I have jumped the gun. I see Mexicans are included in the new companion to the rule book. The Soldiers I painted for LoTOW some time ago, but they never really worked for me so I thought I'd reuse them for IHMN. The Aztecs were an impulse buy that have been sitting in my spares box for a few years.

The idea was to have a solid group of Soldiers with long range firepower backed up by Aztecs with hand to hand weapons in padded suits. There is also magic in the form of the Shaman. I am going to wait for the new book to come out now rather than start using them with the stats I intended to use.

The Aztecs were incomplete so I added shields from GW with skull transfers to represent The Day of the Dead. They are also noticeably bigger than the Soldiers which luckily is partly disguised by the padded suits.


  1. Finally! someone else that sees the potential of mixing Aztec into VFS :-D

    I started something like this years ago but only ever painted up a figure or two, so I am happy to see the great job you have done on this.

  2. What a great idea! Cracking paintjobs as well.

  3. Thanks, it was really just a case of using what I had on hand.