Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bolt Action 20mm game.

I have not found anyone interested in playing Bolt Action in 28mm at my local club. So thought I'd try it in 20mm with my really old collection which has been collecting dust for years. It is also painted in enamels which I'd love to improve with a wash and drybrush at some stage (probably a retirement project).

Tyrone was itching to play something so I also invited my nephew Jason to join in as he has played 40k but not historicals. Maybe I can convert him?

The terrain is a mix of my old collection with some of my FOW items. The vehicles are a mix of Nitto, Esci and some conversions. The figures are mainly Platoon 20, Dixon and some others. We had to play on the dinning table as my other tables had games setup on them already.

Tyrone took the Germans and decided which end to defend on while Jason was going to attack while I umpired. It has been months since I have read the rules so I did not mind sitting out and observing. Jason was successful in forcing the Germans to retire. I may have made the US too strong as I made the force list up in about 20 minutes based on experience with other rule sets but did not take into account the ROF of the tanks.

Everyone thought that this worked well in this scale. Which means that I am not going to sell the rules and two books off which I had seriously considered doing as it is a lot of money tied up and not being used. It also means that I will be buying the Soviet and British supplements and more dice.


  1. Like the table and the game sounded like you all had fun. I have a friend who is into BA and we keep talking about a game.

  2. You should give it a go as we had fun. I will probably stick with TWAT for larger games in 28mm as there only so many dice you can handle.

    I added up the points and see that I made a big mistake. The Germans had 1444 points while the US had 2100. That could be excused as being a Historical match up.