Saturday, 11 January 2014

Future Wars Solo test game - Bolt Action.

Skirmish Sangin continued.

I restarted my game of Skirmish Sangin on turn eleven. I soon realised that I had mixed up an Ape with a M16 with grenade launcher, and one armed with an RPG. I think this was due to the need to identify each individual figure and the complex turn system. I then had to find the rules for sighting and firing the RPG at the Watch Tower. I was not able to do this in the rules or at least I could not find a way of doing so. It was also impossible to hit the sniper in the tower due to the penalties as he was elevated and hiding.

I decided that I was not having much fun so thought I should shelve the rules until I could play with someone else who knew them better than I. Also less figures on the table would have been better.

Bolt Action.

I did a quick shuffle of the forces that I was using and continued playing the game. I was immediately taken with how quickly the turns went and how easy it was to work out firing etc. I was having fun again.

Sniper in the Tower.

Human right Flank Bridge defence.

Ape attack was beaten back with one casualty.

Some ideas went through my head as to how to improve the rules for this setting. I felt the ranges of the weapons are too short and started using the range limit as the short distance for firing. (I suspect the ranges are meant to keep the game moving quickly) I had to make up stats for a shotgun as I could not find them in the lists I have. They may be in the new Marines section? I may rethink this later but this is what I used.

Auto Shotgun ROF 2 up to 12" ROF 1 to 24.

It soon became apparent that if the sides are equal the one defending is going to win (like in the real world) I had plenty of cover available and spent a sleepless night thinking about how to get around this with my limited collection. (just ask my Girlfriend who had to put up with me tossing and turning and getting up all night) Luckily I was on leave so continued my playtesting the following day.

Bolt Action, game two.

I needed some seconds for the Ape gun teams so added them in using my Alien Greys. I also added a Medic team from my Greys plus a Gorilla from my Africa collection. For the Humans I added a team of Hazmat figures, a couple more figures for NCO's and gun seconds, plus a Leopard Tank which made things even more unbalanced. I then added Zombies. The Zombies use a plain dice. They move either 3 or 6 inches when activated. I will write the Zombie rules up fuller later on.

Gorilla, Grey Medic Team and Gibbon SMG team.

The game went very well and was a lot of fun but the Tank just sat and mowed down the Zombies. I felt this was too unbalanced so removed it about turn three.

Hazmat team getting a pre-game pep talk.

Casualties from game one waiting to be allowed to return to the game.

The Hazmat team being very keen to get stuck in, took full advantage of the movement on Roads but was unaware of the lurking RPG team. This team destroyed the truck and passengers with one shot.

This game is very bloody which surprised me.

When I left the game the Apes were in control of the left flank and about to assault the bridge. I will continue playing later today.

Ape Flame thrower being ordered to Flame the Humans.

Gibbon SMG Team, Grey Medic Team and Flame thrower Team. No Humans left to fight.

Zombies mobbing up.

Did a quick repaint on NCO Perky to get rid of her lurid white skirt and red boots. Plus an ink wash to bring out her assets.

I have an elaborate back ground for my Future War setting and some Zombie Rules to write up for Bolt Action which I will put on the Blog later.

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  1. This looks very promising, ill be following with interest.