Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mounted Merry Men.

I almost forgot to post these as I am so excited about my Future War ideas.

These figures are probably the most time consuming group I think I have done so far. They were bought second hand with some of them painted and needed stripping. One arm was missing so I Greenstuffed clothing on a plastic Norman arm for the leader figure. His shield was a Mordheim item which had the lightening bolt filed off. The other shields are from Crusader. The horses are from Renegade. They were meant to pull Celt Chariots but I felt they were too big for that duty. The Saddle cloths were sculpted from Sculpty which meant five minutes in the oven to harden them. I forgot to order the Transfers for the shields which I hope will arrive soon.

I am very pleased to have a unique unit but I wont be adding any more riders.
I am currently working on the dismounted versions.


  1. Very nice stuff. The green looks amazing.

  2. Greate work !!!

    Best regards Michael

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