Thursday, 2 January 2014

Future War Solo test game - Skirmish Sangin Rules.

I have been intending to try out Skirmish Sangin for Vietnam but felt that I did not want to risk damaging the paint work as I only have 30% of the forces painted yet. My Future Wars figure have not really ever been used so I thought that I would drag them out for the USA. Likewise my Apes have not ever been used so I thought they'd make a good stand-in for the Vietnamese as they are mainly armed with Soviet Weapons.

The terrain is a mix of my Future Wars, Vietnam and any trees and roads not currently being used on my Robin Hood table which is still setup in my games room. I feel like taking my airbrush to the plastic foliage as it is very bright and the bridge is unpainted which I meant to do a year ago.

Without an experienced player to push me along I struggled to keep the game moving. I have played with play tester Ray and the writer Colin so am familiar with most of the rules, but wished for an idiots guide rather than examples which I felt do not go into enough detail at times. Or maybe I am just impatient and did not read them properly?

I have gone through one round of moves so far and felt the tension building up as the Apes moved into position for an assault on the defenses. The objective of the game is to capture the Lamborghini and drive it back over the bridge. (I am just having fun with the rules at this stage) I like the use of the small cards as its easy to keep track of the figures status. There has only been a couple of shots fired from each side causing morale checks for the Humans. I will update this later when I do a few more moves.

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  1. Hi Dan,

    If you want some help just ask, more than happy to go over the rules with you at any time.