Saturday, 27 May 2017

British 24th first Company completed.

I really like these Black Tree Design figures as they were easy to paint. I have not had much experience of painting Red jackets other than two units of Foundry Marines for Sharp Practice which I struggled with getting nice coverage. These figures were undercoated Brown and then I used two GW Reds topped off with a Vallejo Red. I took ages to paint these as I found painting the Red then Blue and then the White quite boring. Once I started filling in the other colours in the painting became very enjoyable. The depth of the Red is really good but the shine of the photos hides this. In reality they are not shiny at all.

I went with sixteen figures in a Company with an Officer included. I will use separate based Officers for higher command. There is one Casting Room Miniature who fits in quite well but is not as well sculpted as the rest. I was lucky with the basing as I did not consider using them in a column formation until I had completely finished the unit!

It may appear that I have been slack on the painting front but I actually have three 4ground wagons just about finished and am about 80% done with my Zulu casualty markers.