Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Conflix Houses

The weather has been a bit too cold for me to risk varnishing some figures so I thought I'd talk about the buildings I am thinking of using instead. 

I had ordered a mix of 4Ground buildings but got a bit impatient at the weekend as I wanted to start play testing some scenarios. I have quite a few of the Conflix buildings which I feel would be ok for the ECW project I will start someday. Having put these out I now feel that they would work for Robin Hood as they look a bit modern and have a Hollywood feel to them. I know the chimneys are a bit too early but would anyone mind?
I then ordered some more building from Ebay.

I was also waiting for the 4Ground buildings so I could match my Tavern and other buildings to the same colour scheme but now think I should match the Conflix buildings instead. I guess if I had time I would build everything myself to a style that would be midway between each set of buildings.

Today my 4Ground buildings arrived so I am now having another rethink about styles.

I think this has been the most mind bending project I've ever been involved in but I guess thats why I'm enjoying it  so much.

4Ground order.

Farm buildings.

The start of the Forrest, but I need more trees.




Definitely need more trees and forrest bases.


  1. Those 4Ground buildings look great.! If you mean what I think about styles being mindbending then i know what you mean. There are a lot of manufacturers of buildings and obviously they all go for a particular "look" to distinguish themselves from the rest...which for us, the collectors, is a pain. :-D
    So many nice looking buildings but they tend to "clash" when put alongside each other.

  2. Hi Paul, I meant that just about every step on this project has been sweated over about some detail as Early Medieval is not as well documented as I'd like. I probably should have bought lots of books over the years but this is a new era of interest for me.
    I think I can get away with using all the buildings I own but that may actually be too many unless I extend the Castle. :^)