Sunday, 25 August 2013

4Ground Medieval/Saxon houses and vegetable plots.

I put together three of the 4Ground Medieval or Saxon buildings and while not quite finished I'm very pleased how they came out. I wanted some older buildings to put inside the Forrest area to house Robin and the gang. In the book Outlaw by Angus Donald he talks of Robin staying in an old Saxon settlement which he used as a training area and safe haven. I thought these would be ideal.

I had looked at the building on the Internet and had very mixed feelings about the look of the buildings. I felt they looked too much like painted boxes and was not sure about the roofs. However the three buildings went together in an afternoon, and then I had to do the roofs over two nights as the white glue needed 24 hours to go of each time it was applied. I now realise that I could not see the wood for the trees as once the buildings are on the table you see the overall effect rather than the details.

I also made up a couple of areas of vegetable patches, ploughed areas and a round area for the settlement.

I now just need to make up some more of the Forrest base and some more wicker fences then I should be done with the terrain for this project.

Bit messy as I need more toweling for the grassy areas.

4Ground houses and vegetable plot.

Hidden entrance to the hideout.

Vegetable plot added.

Stuck some ploughed areas under the church for the moment.

Supposed to be deep woods behind the hedges.

Black Knights seeking revenge.


  1. They do look very smart, as does the table as a whole!

  2. That is one lovely looking table! I´m amazed that the Castle was a 1/72nd zvezda Castle. a very Neat conversion if ever there was one.

  3. Fantastic looking table, what a battlefield! Very nice details for a great atmosphere...