Monday, 5 August 2013

Call To Arms 2013

We had a great weekend and played five games of my Robin Hood game.

I thought I'd do my first post on the convention first and then go into detail of my game.
Some real nice games were put on and I must sat that FOW has really gotten pretty since I stopped playing it. Although I did not take any photos of it since I might get interested again.

My shopping list comprised of; Skirmish Sangin Rules and NZ Army figures, IHMN Rules and Black Dragon Tong, mixed bag of Zombies and Ghouls. Not bad although I did not really need to buy anything as I have enough lead to keep me going for years. Oh and also discussed doing Zulu Wars so ordered some figures from Black Tree when I got home on Sunday.

Had a great position for the table, right by the door.

Since I had no furniture for this section I decided it needed something.
 Well at least it got a few laughs.

Skirmish Sangin.

Mate Rays WW2 Skirmish Sangin.

Really nice Bolt Action Spanish Civil War.

Real nice 40k terrain.

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