Monday, 5 August 2013

Call to Arms - first game. "Who Killed Bambi?"

Three Merry Men; Morris, Oxford and Cambridge were attempting to make it to Sherwood Forrest with a Deer that they had shot. Unfortunately for them a group of the Sherifs men spotted them who were led by Guy.
The Sherifs men split into two groups. One tried to cut the Outlaws off from the Forest while the other tried to chase them down. These were slowed down by the rough ground which had no effect on the Merry Men. At this time Friar Tuck appeared at the Forests edge with a group of Archers who opened fire on the other group of riders.

A bit of a scrap happened and a couple of the Men escaped with the Deer but with heavy casualties on both sides including Friar Tuck who was killed by Guy. It was a very close run game as you can see from the last photo.

Remember this tune?

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