Saturday, 10 August 2013

Call to Arms - Games four and five. "Sherifs Revenge" and "Dawn Raid"

Both of these games centered on the farm buildings. 
I did not take many photos so will deal with them on one post.

Sherifs Revenge occurred because of the revolt, He wanted to destroy the farm as well as kidnap Mildred who could make him a suitable wife.(whether she agreed to it or not!) A Mangonel was setup just outside the village firing fire bombs into the farm. Timing was crucial as the Sherif and some mounted men entered the farm yard, killed some farmers and kidnapped Mildred. Two parties of the Sherifs men arrived late to cover the Sherifs retreat who had lost all his mounted escorts and had to deal with a struggling Mildred.
Robin meanwhile tried to intervene with the aid of his Merry Men.
Unfortunately Robin arrived too late but managed to kill quite a few of the Sherifs men.

Dawn Raid followed as Guy was tasked with killing as many of the Merry Men as possible who were reported to have taken over the Farm buildings which were now unoccupied.
Two parties of Men at Arms approached from two sides of the farm buildings, one led by Guy.
The soldiers were quite successful at getting near the farm before being discovered. However the fighting was bloody with only Friar Tuck, Little John, Guy and three other men aside surviving the battle.

We decided to pack up early and take a good look at the other games and have a bit of a chat.
We were very happy with the Lord of the Rings rules which we had only made minor tweaks to. We did not go overboard with lots of different stats for all the minor characters but made them have an extra wound and extra point of courage. We also made a minor change to the crossbow rules, I'd say we had things balanced pretty well as the games went down to the wire and were very bloody.
Tyrone felt that Robin did not live up to expectations and had more faith in the GW Friar Tuck figure who had no special rules. I thought that maybe he should be replaced next season as I have alternative figures for him.
 I have since watched Maid Marian and her Merry Men and think we may have brought along "Robin of Kensington" by mistake.

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