Monday, 5 August 2013

Call to Arms - second game. "Ford Transit"

I am really embarrassed to say that neither myself nor Tyrone remembered to take any photos of this game which is a real shame as we had spent quite a bit of time making the scenario work.

However the idea was that the wagon loaded with loot was attempting to make its way out of the forest, but also had to cross a ford before making its way into the village. An escort was waiting in the village to escort the wagon across the ford. (You could call them a Ford Escort). However being rather unreliable they were delayed in the village by the local totty and had to dice before they were able to help the wagon and its outriders.

Meanwhile two parties of the Merry Men; Archers led by Little John and skirmishers led by Friar Tuck (yes he survived) ambushed the wagon with the aid of two men who stopped the wagon on the road.

This was another bloody affair which saw Little John taken out and the Wagon Commander Sir Ralf was also disposed of. The wagon managed to ford the stream and made it to the safety of the escorts.

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