Saturday, 10 August 2013

Call to Arms - Third Game "The Peasants are revolting, the ungrateful wretches"

During the first morning we played two of the scenarios which had been play tested several times. These only took about an hour to play so Tyrone asked if we could play something bigger.
We came up with the scenario that Marian had been arrested in the village by a group of The Sherifs men.
The peasants took several turns to react and started to attack the Soldiers. Meanwhile the Merry Men who had been  amassing in the Forrest started to approach the Town. The Castle Guard also started to organize and make their way out of the Castle. The first Unit to approach the Village was the Black Knights, one of whom was killed by a Peasant with a short Bow (much to Tyrone's delight). There was a bit of a scrap with the mounted Knights and Men at Arms doing most of the fighting against the peasants and Merry Men in the Village. 

When the rest of the soldiers arrived things had turned into much of a stalemate but as Marian had been escorted to the Castle the fight was really over. Almost all of the ungrateful wretches had also been killed with heavy casualties on the Sherifs side.

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