Friday, 9 August 2013

Project Zulu.

I had just finished my last book on my Kindle and went through all the books that I had downloaded from links on TMP and found Shaka Zulu. Now soon into reading I started to get ideas about doing a painting project and you know ideas tend to end up in buying a few figures, and then gets blown up into a really big project?. Soon after I got an email from Black Tree Design, telling me of the 50% off sale which included the Zulu War range. I also remembered that Warlord had free shipping on at the moment and do really like the look of the plastic Zulus.

As I had completed enough of my Robin Hood project to put on some games I could afford to think of something else for a change. I did not need to buy anything but you know how it goes.

I am not starting this project for awhile as I am just gathering information and doing a bit of buying. A couple of friends have shown interest in buying a few figures as well so it could turn out to be another big Demo game.

So I ordered some Black Tree Design on the evening of the 4th NZ time but our Dollar took a dive which meant my Debit Card was declined. I then reordered on the evening of the 5th which went through. The order arrived on the morning of the 10th. I was amazed at the speed of the delivery but also at the variety of the sculpts of the riflemen. Below is a photo of the Isandlawana Firing Line packet.*

Below is the full force for (the moment). I have far too many Officer types but I think I can paint them as Provisional Corps. I have one Gatling, two junior Officers, Sergeant, Bugler and forty men.

I will start buying Zulus later on in the year and will start with the Warlord Plastics but fancy getting some metals figures from a few other manufacturers.

*I took out three figures in side caps to use for IHMN.

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